New Year Day 2014

Hi again readers:   Turned out I ain’t as tough as I believed myself to be.  I’m in the hospital in Kerrville, TX, sneaked spang in a couple of days ago through the Emergency Room.  They know a lot about what’s been going on inside me now, and all of it is interesting and exciting, though it doesn’t necessarily bode well for my continuing to post on the So Far From Heaven blog a lot longer, everything else being equal.

But I’ve refused most of the things they’d propose to do insofar as keeping me this distance from heaven, plan to get discharged hopefully today, go back out to Gale’s and digest my newfound perspectives.  Make some exciting decisions about what a guy in my position ought to be doing with himself, thinking about, spending his time and energy on.

Probably should have been doing that all along, but it wasn’t rubbing right up against it consciously and autopilot isn’t the best place to observe important, exciting events.

Happy New Year to those of you who believe this is a new year and are willing to be happy during it.

Old Jules

24 responses to “New Year Day 2014

  1. We all need to make the most of every day we have … just because life is a pretty fine place to be … may the Coincidence Coordinators provide lots of fine times for you in the days ahead…

  2. Auto parts disposal sure worked out to your advantage for fixing your brakes!

    A Happy New Year to you Jules.
    Hopefully you can stay this side of Heaven for a while longer.
    My Doctor is a non smoker and is always ragging on me to quit smoking and eat less “really tasty food.” This year I think I will seek out a really fat Doctor that smokes three packs a day. I doubt the pot will call the kettle black then.
    A few years back I had a couple of fantastic Doctors. They both thought I should quit smoking but knew I probably wouldn’t. One of these Doctors was quite fit and trim and jogged several miles a day. He jogged more miles than I could possibly think of jogging. Both of these Doctors died from Alzheimers. Ya never know.
    Hang in there Jules!

  3. Happy New Year, Jules.

  4. Hi Jules,

    I have been having similar gloomy concerns about my marginality over Christmas, only mine aren’t brand spanking new like yours, but rather the result of several bouts with angina and the two year ordeal of my brother’s recent demise from lung cancer. My solution might not work for you, but what I did was go out last weekend and buy a motorcycle.

    This way I don’t have to worry about what’s going to kill me. I know. Takes the worry right out of it.

    Bob, who wishes you more luck in the new year than probably either of us deserve.

  5. Good luck Jules!! Will be thinking of you.

  6. Nobody has any guarantees about longevity on this planet. It’s all we can do to make the best of what we’ve got. Best wishes to you.

  7. May 2014 be a year of good surprises for you.

  8. Dang. Take care of yourself, because no-one else c.a.n.

  9. No one knows for sure if we will be here tomorrow. I don’t believe half the things that doctors tell me. They are wrong most of the time.

  10. Hi Jules, been following your blogs for some time now and hope to do so for a lot longer…so listen to all of us who love to read about your adventures…get well and keep well.

  11. I guess I got the answer to my question on your health in part, but it sounds serious by your tongue in cheek replies.
    Prognosis? Timeline? Rats! Hope for recovery? So sorry, Pal.

    Going to quit posting soon?

    My thoughts will be with you.


  12. Hang in there, Jules. None of us know what tomorrow will bring, so we need to find a little enjoyment in today.

  13. Think new day, not new year and before you know it you will be saying goodbye to the old year, 2014.

  14. I’d like to see you or at least talk on the phone to start. Are you up for that? Let me know.

  15. Hi Jules. I feel sad. Gotta be honest though, death frightens me. My death does. Yours does. My old dog here that has cancer is dying. And it scares me. I don’t know why, cuz I’ve known since I was a kid that one day it happens to us all.

    So, do I wish you a peaceful transition, or that you “do not go gentle into that good night?”

    Maybe I’ll just say thank you for being you. You’re a fascinating character.

  16. There are so many ‘right’ paths in life … a new year is a good time to be thinking about the one you’re on.

    • Sooo right. What is it they say about the government: Why expect a different result, when you use the same methods over and over and over again. Let’s start a new road in 2014. Good suggestion! Thanks!

  17. Ole Jules, so glad to hear from you again. We’re all born with an expiration date. Some longer than others. It’s been great seeing the world through your eyes. I thank you for that.

    It’s never too late to begin anew and a New Year is always a good time. You know that better than I do. May you be at peace with whatever decisions you make after enlightenment about your health.

  18. I always thought I would take the news of my eminent demise with a smile and be oh so strong and brave —- not so! I cried and screamed like a scared baby. I’m still here and doing good, but now I know just how weak I really am. Hope you continue to post as long as you can. You have become a friend to so many. You are definitely a “free spirit” and we thank you for your insight into this complex world we live in.

  19. Jack, I hope you feel the love. I don’t believe for a minute that any of the people who have commented on this post are feeling anything less than love for the person you’ve allowed them to see. You’ll do what you think is right for you. While you’re doing that, feel the love and know that we’re all thinking of you and wishing you the very best. Ellen

  20. In 1986, when my Dad was in ICU after a massive heart attack, and we were worrying and fretting about his future, one of the nurses told us not to worry. He said the doctors don’t know everything….that’s why they call it “practicing medicine.”

    Well, my Dad made it through that episode….and another one. We had him for another 13 years (and it wasn’t his heart that finally gave out).

    Take care and hang in there.

  21. Hi. I only recently found your blog and have read several of your entries which I enjoyed immensely. You sound like a nice, Christian gentleman and If I can be of ANY assistance to you, please call me @ 505-908-6970. I will pray for your health to improve as well as for you to return to your blog to inform your followers how you are feeling. God bless. Cynthia

  22. Jules, Just checked back in after a spell of not checking because my own life was in a big whirl. Sure sorry your having health issues. Our own bodies have great healing power given by our creator. Sometimes we just need to take time to rest, eat right and let healing happen. I’ll be praying for you. If it really is as serious as it sounds keep close to God and every thing will work out the best…what ever He determines that to be. Blessings, Mary.

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