Update from Jeanne

Hi everyone,

Old Jules/Jack gave me permission to update everyone briefly about his situation. He got out of the hospital yesterday evening and is back at his cabin. I think he’s feeling well, is in excellent spirits, and we both thank you for your caring remarks. However, he doesn’t have an internet connection at this time and hasn’t been able to read emails or respond to comments.
His phone line there isn’t going to be fixed until Monday, so if there are no other internet complications he should be back online soon after that. I imagine it will take a while before he’s caught up, though.  And he still has more medical  tests that need to be done.
I will go on approving comments as usual, and we appreciate all your positive thoughts.

Best wishes,

12 responses to “Update from Jeanne

  1. He’s in my thoughts….. as are you. Take care!

  2. Thank you, Jeanne, I was just wishing you would give us an update … my best thoughts to Jack.

  3. Live well, my friend.

  4. Back in the saddle! almost.. rock on Old Jules. thank you jeanne.. c

  5. I thought about Jules yesterday. I hope the prognosis is good…

  6. Be well, best wishes to you.

  7. Oh good news, thanks so much Jeanne.
    We had some wind here yesterday so the bell outside the kitchen window rang a few times, the sound brought you immediately to mind.

  8. My smiles go out to Jules.

  9. Thank you, Jeanne; everyone could use a fine friend like you…

  10. I think I have to ask the big question. This is a terminal diagnosis, isn’t it? I’m really hoping the answer is no. But if it is a yes… Jules has had more life than most of us. Not necessarily in years but in sheer experience. I hope I’m making sense when I say: nothing to regret, move on when you have to.

    • At this point, I’ve talked to him so little I don’t even know what the combination of things adds up to. I know part of it he’ll be self-treating for. Can’t know more about other stuff without more tests. I’m waiting for him to get a phone connection so we can actually have a conversation 🙂

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