The mysterious Kansas parrot fetish

Reminds me a bit of a 1950s song, "Poor Little Robin," "Walkin' walkin' walkin to Missouri."  But this ain't a robin.

Reminds me a bit of a 1950s song, “Poor Little Robin,” “Walkin’ walkin’ walkin to Missouri.” But this ain’t a robin.

Hi readers.  I dunno.  The Kansas State Bird is the Western Meadowlark.  Don’t even bother suggesting that’s what it’s all about.

But all over Kansas City and the surrounding area a person will see that damned cartoon character parrot.  Bumperstickers, flags in yards, even on gravestones.

Occasionally a person will see the word, “Jayhawk” associated with the damned parrot.  A jayhawk isn’t, I believe, an actual bird, so much as a Civil War pejorative used by people with long memories referring to the Kansas-version of the Missouri ‘bushwhackers’.  Irregulars, citizen soldiers using the excuse of war and hatred to rape loot and plunder anyone who disagreed with them.

I don’t think this is a jayhawk.  I think it’s a hell-of-a-lot more likely it’s a damned robin walking to Missouri, and the people displaying it aren’t happy with gasoline being so much cheaper just across the State boundary.

But what the hell do I know?

Old Jules

2 responses to “The mysterious Kansas parrot fetish

  1. Maybe the parrots just need a pirate’s shoulder to settle on, hmmm…..aren’t the Koch brothers based in Wichita?

    • Hi Rich: Yeah, they somewhere out that way, but I don’t think they have parrots who don’t work for them or accept political money and propaganda from them. These parrots appear to be walking to Missouri, as opposed to parroting any particular ideas and ideologies. These parrots are the sort really whatchallit people can get excited enough about to place on flags and bumper stickers and gravestones. Parrots of the ‘we don’t need no stinkin’ soda cracker’ persuasion. At least that’s the way I have it figured. But what the hell do I know about it? J

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