Jesse Winchester – The courage to do what’s right

Hi readers:

Probably most of you don’t remember Jesse Winchester.  He was a somewhat obscure singer and guitar picker who had the courage, savvy and ethical commitment to go to Canada when he got called to be drafted instead of serving in a war he knew was wrong.

The Learn to Love It album was the best he ever did and it came at a time when neanderthals were waving flags and banners saying, America – Love it or Leave it!

Jesse never whined about the consequences of his patriotism.

He’s dead from cancer of the goozle today.

Thank you for your service, Jesse.


12 responses to “Jesse Winchester – The courage to do what’s right

  1. I don’t remember Jesse but I have the utmost respect for those who made that hard choice.

    How have you been; my friend?
    I’ve been off the air for awhile but hopefully we are on the right path to freedom now and with freedom comes———–freedom. It is it’s own reward.
    Even the path to it makes it easier to breathe

    • Hi angrymanspeaks. I’ve been a bit out of pocket also. Having some trouble breathing despite the profound freedoms I’ve tqken and whatnot. Gracias, J

  2. I just read where he is not dead but gravely ill. Maybe my article will need updated.

  3. Don’t remember Jesse either. Sure sorry for what he is going through. Old Jules, thanks for the great post this week. I’ve enjoyed them. Blessings, M.

  4. Yeah, brother – I remember Jesse.
    Well, there’s safety in obscurity, and back then it wasn’t easy for some of the most passionate and outspoken to draw too much attention to themselves.
    Somehow, the rest of us managed to find them anyway. We managed to be inspired by them, to carry their messages.
    Many of those voices, like Jesse, were so powerful in their unassuming passion and remain part of our spirits even these days.
    Thanks for reminding me of one of them.

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