The white man’s burden: My lucky goozle

The arrow indicates the crowd pleaser point of interest.  "I can't believe it ain't cancer!' Chorus of GI specialists declares.  "Go back in and biopsy that SOB again!"

The arrow indicates the crowd pleaser point of interest. “I can’t believe it ain’t cancer!’ Chorus of GI specialists declares. “Go back in and biopsy that SOB again!”. It ain’t all because I’m a white guy. White guys, it turns out, are one hell of a lot more prone to cancer of the goozle than non-white guys. And nobody likes to see anyone win in lotteries of this nature. It makes everyone look bad.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I just this morning had my third endoscopy in two months.  Not to mention various CAT Scans, etc, and one of those big things involving a donut and a magnet on a rolling human-scale tray.  Jeanne tells me it’s the MRI, which I can’t have anymore because of my electric cow-prod defibrillator.

This week I had a manometry, gastric emptying tests, and fights with the VA hospital concerning whether I ought to be letting them do nothing instead of going to the private physicians and them doing stuff.

In fact I’m bankrupting Medicare with my heartfelt cardiac flaws and my Disneyland esophagus darling of gastroenterologists and Asian male physicians.  They do the snake swallowing a camera routine, take pics and biopsy it.  Look at the pics and say, “Ohshitohdear!”

“It MIGHTN’T be malignant,” they cautiously confide.  “We won’t know for certain until the biopsy results come back.”

Well, the nice Asian GI specialist today came after I regained my cogitude to give me a puzzled frown and tell me it ain’t cancer again this time.  But it’s inflamed as hell, got a grotesque growth about it, and has every right to rear up on its hind legs and be what it damned well wants to be.  Thinks they’d better have another look at it as soon as they can forget it ain’t.

What I haven’t confided to them is the part about Caisse’s herbal tea.  Black burdock, turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel and slippery elm all boiled together half an hour in stainless steel, left 12 hours, boiled again, strained, and taken in increments of an ounce morning, another nights.

I call it making my own luck.  I’m not evangelical about it, but if anyone ever tells you you’ve got terminal cancer and you might as well go home and tell the heirs who’s getting what, consider remembering it.  Black burdock, turkey rhubarb, sheep sorrel and slippery elm.

My lungs and goozle think it’s death to oncologists.

Old Jules


16 responses to “The white man’s burden: My lucky goozle

  1. just went thru the same thing with my throat & got the GOOD word yesterday! after months of tests & scares,,,,the young DR’s (who are the best around in this town) don’t want to believe that the things they discovered are NOT cancer at my age & since I’ve LIVED and continue to do so!! My goozle is Heavy B Complex & Coral Calcium….kicks up the T cells.

    • Dayledann: Congratulations for teaching them self-doubt. And congratulations also on having to find something else to die of than cancer of the whatever. If they don’t like they need to find something else to do with themselves to get rich on. Gracias, J

  2. Today’s post put things right back in perspective where they belong. Thanks Jack. Keep confounding them so they stay humble.

  3. Today’s post put things right back in perspective, where they belong. Thanks Jack and hope you keep them guessing for a long, long time.

  4. Hope they don’t ever discover any cancer. I wasn’t quite as lucky, I was confirmed with chronic leukemia, but I will show those doctors!! I plan on dying before it kills me (grin).

  5. Might as well shake up those smart guys and make they pay closer attention. They might learn something. Like your attitude. 😉

  6. The end of last summer the doctors found I had a growth not in my goozle but up my address. They went in thru the navel to cut that knob out and to make sure they didn’t miss anything had me on Chemotherapy for the past 6 months. Those chemo drugs kill everything inside and most of the outside as well. I just finished up with those drugs but dare not ask the doctor what he has to now improve my health. Good luck with the burdock amigo.

    • Hi earthstonestation. Seems we have a lot of opportunities for making choices without enough information with this modern life. Sorry you’ve had to make those. Gracias, J

    • I see I had the WRONG meaning of goozle! LOL!! I guess mine is the gaggle as it’s in my throat
      I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t do Chemo so…I got lucky!
      The prob is that it hurts & as one gets older, one can deal with less pain I’m finding. Soooooo..I’ll probably go back & see if they can scrape it out (no laser) & leave me with a lil voice
      The irony is that something showed up at the other end but the scans said NOT cancer….however…the “boys & gals” at Rush very much wanted more tests as I’m 70 & they feel that older peeps should be lab rats for their future knowledge.
      I told them to take walk before they seriously angered this old broad & I would feel impelled to hurt them & used those exact words so they all had a good laugh! They now want me to come back & “chat” with them regularly as I seem to be an oddity with my health(?) & body.
      Wrapping U in light/energy every night along with my others & hope U keep happy thru this crappy life process!
      I’m just trying to be NICE with this new world & the young’uns who are running it!
      Sat thru toooo many conversations with the hospice nurses for friends/family of mine to not know how to end it gracefully so, since my progeny will need any penny I can leave them,, I will work & kick ass ’till the day is done! Then…on to the new!!!
      TY for the read as this stuff is NOT what I put out to my world!

      • DayleDann: I’m not sure there’s a wrong meaning of the word ‘goozle’. Goozle is one of those words designed to cover itself in all circumstances. Easier to spell than esophageous, too. Sorry you’ve had such problems. Gracias, J

  7. Thanks for mentioning Caisse’s tea blend, or Essiac Tea as it is usually called. I use it myself as a preventative since I have had frequent tumors, all non-malignant at this time. Also have a couple friends who have had their cancer cured using it. Everyone with a question should read her story, and learn of its healing power.

  8. Hi Jules, Herbs are good. They cure a lot of ills. I’ve found colloidal silver does good where there are bacteria or virus. Keep taking care of yourself. I enjoy your post and reading other’s responses. Blessings, Mary

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