A covey, a flock of old eagles

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Some beat poet, maybe Ginsberg, maybe Ferlinghetti said he’s caged the world away from himself.  “I’m an old eagle smoking this fine Italian cigar.”

Down at physical therapy we’re a flock or covey of old eagles who’ve forsworn too late those fine cigars running in place as we’ve done all our lives without noticing, caged the world away from ourselves.  But still able to gaze out the window for an eagle-view of the parking lots roads and city around us.

33 degrees F last week one day and it snowed in western Kansas.  Today it’s bundling up in jackets time all the old eagles will be walking walking walking to Missouri in sweatsuits and warmups.

Because we’re probably mostly man-made climate change deniers.  We’re able to adapt the way modern women have adapted to the wants and needs of modern men by having bigger breasts than their peasant and aboriginal ancestors.

And we men have been able to adapt by having smaller brains, a lot smaller brains, than our Heidelberg Man ancestors 250 – 650 thousand years ago.  Brains as big  or bigger then Daniel Webster, Albert wossname, Einstein, and Mangus Colorado.  Brains so big that during their 400,000 years of  time hanging around they didn’t need Heidelberg Man-made climate change, nor breast enhancements, nor Mexican food.

Maybe we old eagles can figure out why by walking, walking walking to Missouri today.

Old Jules

8 responses to “A covey, a flock of old eagles

  1. About that big brain of them Heidelbergs, ever wonder what ‘else’ were they attuned to at that particular time, when most of other hominids were more concerned about eating and not being eaten? Same with whales; where the hell they spend that power at? Dreams? It may as well be at Pluto. Soon enough, they, like we did to all other bipeds, will be ‘tears in the rain,’ to use a Blade Runner analogy. Most of nobody around already doesn’t care about them, mostly concerned about eating and not being eaten. Nice reminder about my ever shrinking brain, on this fine Friday, Jules. Hope therapy went well. All the best.

    • Hi Wesley. I wonder how they managed to avoid leaving more testimony about themselves and what they used those big brains for. Took modern man [this time] what? A couple of thousand years? 5000? 10,000? to emerge from stone age to heavier than air flight. Mr. Heidelberg had at least 40 of those 10K years to learn to make copper, bronze, iron, steel tools, gunpowder, glass windows and diamond jewelry. Curious it would be if he never thought of any of it. Gracias, J

      • You’re right, it is curious. Dunno, them ufos? haha. I’m ambivalent about this quantum leap, though: so much, so fast, and not a drop of wisdom to avoid our self implosion. One thing is probable: if some of us were to survive, evolve and reach a distant future, far enough for time machines and stuff, guess where our ‘tourism’ would be likely to be directed to? Best

        • Hi Wesley. Likely they’re here, now, and they’re us. If not you and me, probably all the other readers of this blog. But that’s because they don’t need armor to survive reading the blog. Touristas back to the Crusades, ancient Israel, and the conquest of Mexico would need to be on their toes. But anything dated before the last ice age ought to be a hoot, if the megafauna could be avoided or tamed. Not to suggest those survivor-time-traveling offspring of our future would be any wiser than we. More likely just whiners and complainers blaming it all on us and our ancestors and progeny. Using time travel to confirm for themselves that nothing is their fault. Gracias, J

  2. You got me Jules, I can’t for the life of me figure why a bunch of old eagles would be walking, walking, walking to Missouri. Texas or New Mexico, maybe. But, not Missouri. Hope all is going well for you. Blessings, Mary

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