Return of the neighborhood church

Olathe Community Theater Association - one block east, currently  the eastern extremity of my attempts to walk somewhere.  Easternmost bastion of artsy fartsyism from where I live and breathe.

Olathe Community Theater Association today. But for half-cenury it was a neighborhood Presbyterian Church serving an area of seemingly small town neighborhoods.



Rebirth of the neighborhood church.

temple3 lao buddhist assn

Eastern Churches have always had a slightly different twist visually.

Eastern Churches have always had a slightly different twist visually.

temple6 lao buddhist assn

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a  read.

Heck, I don’t know what else to day.

Old Jules

11 responses to “Return of the neighborhood church

  1. We have a 150-year-old plus church that’s been standing empty for ten years and finally they think it might make a good theatre type locale for poetry readings and such.

  2. Ganesh looks a lot happier than Jesus does in any of his plaster statuary!

    • Too much emphasis on the negative moments of the life of Jesus, I reckons. It ain’t as though he spent a lot of his life up there on that cross. Gracias, J

  3. Better than I strip club.
    “The High Holy Tabernacle of the Patron Saint of Bada Bing” or something.

    I would rather someone believe in Somebody Else than believe in nobody.
    But let’s not get extreme.
    That caused the Twin Towers to come down AND also The Crusades.
    Never mind the assimilation of the indigenous tribes over here.
    And now they’re working on Democrats and any Republican not eighty-nine degrees to the right of center.
    And Neil Patrick Harris.

    And I go to church twice a week, so ….

    • Hi amigo. Probably whatever braned of religion migrates into a neighborhood it won’t change the people living there to anything they weren’t before the arrival. I’ve seen people grumble about various ones, but I wouldn’t want the grumblers for neighbors, on the whole. I think I’d prefer a Mosque for a neighbor over an American Legion hall or Veterans of Foreign Wars watering hole. In fact I suppose I’d prefer a tittie bar over either of those. Gracias, J

  4. I know what else to say, YIKES!

    • Gypsy: Methinks we’re in the century of Asia. These things tend not to have a lasting impact. Think of all those parish churches in the UK being deserted, graveyards and banana peels. That eastern church will most likely house a poetry reading society come the millenium. Gracias, J

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