A love affair with Nuns-

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

A while back I found myself thinking about the weird what? Metaphysical? Fantasy relationship? That US non-Catholics have with Nuns.  And have had during most of my life.  The television series, The Flying Nun [which I promise I never sat through a single episode of and therefore can’t testify as to how lousy it must have been] was only one example.

Of course there was Two Mules for Sister Sara.  A Clint Eastwood flick as I recall, with Shirley MacLaine as the nun.  Not a bad movie, and I do remember noting for future thought the male/female tensions throughout and wondering why.

The setting’s one not often used:  the French invasion and occupation of Mexico during the US Civil War.

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, with Robert Mitchum as a WWII US Marine Corps corporal and Deborah Kerr, a nun.  Stranded together on an island in the South Pacific behind Japanese lines.  Mitchum, at least, comes out and tells it as it is.

Considering the potential, The Sinful Nuns of Saint Valentine is a surprisingly sorry example of the phenomenon.  Heck, they picked a time when the Inquisition was rolling along full steam, picked a passle of nuns in a convent, but they just never managed to get the male juices flowing the way Clint’s and Robert’s US Marine and Civil War veteran juices flowed when placed in close proximity with those sexy ladies.

But then, of course, there’s the expected decline you’d probably expect that comes from being in a different century.  Nude Nuns with Big Guns was probably inevitable.  If we didn’t know it we should have.

After all, we’re living in a world where Rap music has been around 35 years.  People who listen to Rap are listening to the same music their dads and granddads listened to, and liking it.

Nude Nuns with Big Guns can’t hold a candle to that piece of trivia.

Wonder how old Sally Field is faring these days.  I’d surely like to see her step into the 21st Century with a leading role in Nude Nuns with Big Guns.

Old Jules

12 responses to “A love affair with Nuns-

  1. Well Ol’Jules,

    Turns out your a bit of a twist after all. LOL If you think we non-Catholics had a Weird, Metaphysical Fantasy thing with Nuns; think about the Weird Mumblephysical Fantasy thing we had with those Catholic School Girls.

    • Hi Angrymanspeaks: Never got any too near Catholic Schools until I was already awkwardly too old to be looking closely at the gorls there. Unless you’re referring to that college girl one outside Boston … Brookline. I recall trying to carry my fantasies to the next level with some of them. Poor return on my money and energy spent, however. Gracias, J

  2. Not like I’ve ever had any dealings with nuns (other than one I offered my seat to on an NYC subway when all the kids she was chaperoning took every available seat), now that you bring it up, I could kind of see a little bit of an S&M thing some people might have with them.
    Whippin’ kids on the back of their hands with rulers, and the like.

    But, on a less depraved issue, about kids today listening to what you and me used to listen to, there’s my son.
    Went through the stage when he was listening to Tupac and Biggie and all the rest, sagging his pants, and using “knowhati’msayin” as a verbal punctuation mark. Lasted longer than I could stand it.
    This past Thanksgiving, when he was at his in-laws overcrowded house for the feast, he needed some down time.
    Took our grandson out to the car, rolled up the windows, and cranked up some Stevie Ray Vaughn.
    I was so proud to hear that, ’cause that’s what I used to do for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter with him.

    Full circle, my brother. Full circle.

    • Prodigal: Sounds as though your son graduated with honors. Congratulations. A person in the various places I’ve been during the past couple of decade rarely sees nuns anymore. I suppose they still exist, but maqybe they took the rulers away from them. I’ve heard somewhere they’re still around but wearing tight designer jeans and too much lipstick. Imagine one of them flying around or trying to keep Robert Mitchum at bay on a South Pacific Island. Gracias, J

  3. J –
    Nobody keeps Robert Mitchum at bay on a South Pacific Island. Not for lack of volunteers trying, but not Mitchum.
    Figured you’d know that.
    Not Mitchum, not Lancaster, not Marvin. Certainly not Warren Oates.
    These studs today?
    Within five minutes… grabbing the ruler for the good Sister AND a bamboo switch if the urge hit her.
    Love to see one set Mr. Scientology straight.

    Stay well,

  4. Never understood anyone’s fixation with nuns. But that’s coming from a Catholic who had more than one unpleasant encounter with a Sister of Perpetual Misery while a middle school student. They didn’t exactly do a very good job of spreading the Christian love, at least in my youthful eyes.

    • Hi Cotton Boll. Good seeing you. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time looking for anyone submerged in a doctrine and institution if I were desparate to find a distributor of Christian [or any other kind] of love, I’m thinking. But a certain amount of believing our own bs gets into the equation when a mission or calling attaches itself to the human mind. I’m going to include not going to a Catholic school among my gratitude affirmations today. Gracias, J

  5. I haven’t seen any of those. But I live in Ireland so I see nuns nearly every day… and have heard the horror stories former school kids have to tell. I hope this makes you laugh: my husband calls them “Mickey dodgers”. Mickey being Irish slang for what most Americans would name John Thomas, or just Dick.

    • heretherebespiders. Cute. I’d bet the history of the Christian religion’s soft underbelly would have to include a lot of stories of human sexual exploits and passions succumbed to among the sworn celebates. Along with a lot of guilt, probably a measure of bitterness. The surface gets scratched when the news emerges about a priest somewhere with a taste for young boys, but I’ve never seen much about priests and nuns, priests and congregation wives, priests and daughters of congregation members, or nuns attracted to one of those scenarios. Not, I’d reckon, because it hasn’t happened, not because it’s even rare. Balzac’s fun stories imply an undercurrent during his time of a population acutely familiar with the themes. Gracias, J

      • I belonged to an Irish-American club in Florida, and we had one married couple in which she was a former nun, and he was a former priest.
        There are stories locally here about one nun who liked the girls a bit too much, too. Just seems to me that sex is dammed natural, but believing sex is evil makes you do evil things.

        • heretherebespiders: Interesting phenomenon, anyway. Vestal virgins probably have a lot in common with one another, no matter what their religious preferences. Gracias, J

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