Forcing 18 year old women to sign up for Selective Service [Draft]

Hi readers.  I know it makes women feel more equal and better about themselves, but I’m wondering whether this Executive Order extending Selective Service registration to females is a good thing.  Might be a sign of bad things coming down the pike, or they mightn’t do something to remind everyone there’s always a Draft Law hiding in the wings to snap up youngsters once the all-voluntary military folks have all sold themselves to Blackwater and other Mercenary groups for more money.

Is it not written, “For God, country and my babeeee”?

Are we going to give all that up, all it implies, all every adolescent could hope to believe, just to make girls feel more equal?  Give them the right to get conscripted into the military for a couple of years no matter what they’d rather be doing?  Give them a lead-pipe cinch to be raped half-to-death if they’re captured?

Well, I hadn’t really thought about it that way.  Now that I do, I guess it’s actually a good thing, though still probably a dose of bad news in what it implies.

Old Jules

4 responses to “Forcing 18 year old women to sign up for Selective Service [Draft]

  1. I’ve always had a problem with the notion that “equal” means “interchangeable.”

  2. Ed you are right. Equal does not mean interchangeable in God’s book and that is the only one that matters in the end. He meant for you men to protect us women. We are to be your helpmates. On the frontier that meant we loaded the rifles and when the shooting was all over we bandaged you up and made you a meal. Modern society is headed for the Amazon women. I have driven most of the equipment my husband did and shoveled right beside him in the hot sun. But, I was not match for the work he could do. No woman is if a man is a real man. Yet, many of us are tough and can pull our own weight. We still are helpmates, not the leader, nor the Amazon. When women fight (based on one Israeli regiment of women) don’t know when to stop and will kill the enemy to the last man, or woman. Seams we need you to keep us from going crazy. Not only that you to protect us from the harm that will come to us on the front lines when captured. Jules had that one right that much harm comes to women in war and we should not be in fighting groups with men. Our presence distracts men from the job at hand. God didn’t design us women to be in battle with me and he didn’t design men to fight in war with women as fellow solders. Our society had done more to turn itself and all of us upside down than has happened in many centuries. Blessings. M.

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