Epiphany disambiguated

Hi readers.  Thanks for hanging in there.  I’d have written this sooner but I was waiting for a flash of profound understanding about whether ‘epiphany’ is singular, or plural.

Turns out it’s singular, but so vast it can buy beer and cigarettes without having to show its phony ID.  So here’s the thing about epiphany for those of you who haven’t yet experienced the ‘big one’.  Epiphany is what you experience when you know all the other epiphanies [singular] you’ve had during your lifetime were BS and the one you’ve just had is REAL.

You probably can avoid this by listening to talk radio.

Anyway, I’m logging on here because you readers are among the things I appreciate about being alive this long so I figured I might as well drop in and say hello.  I’ve been silent a goodly while because I didn’t figure I was going to live this long and there didn’t seem to be much to say that wouldn’t go just as well unsaid.  But there comes one of those moments when a person has to admit, “Screw it!  Ain’t any damned telling how long I’m going to hang around doing thees stupid life I’ve gotten myself into.  The sooner I get back to doing stuff the sooner I’ll get it over with, I reckons.”

So here I am, indefinitely, doing pretty well all things considered.  Pretty damned well.  All things considered.

So hello.

I’ve got some heartening news for those of you who get esophageal reflux, and some interesting things you can do with Masa Harina, but I’m going to keep you on the edge of your chairs and just announce they’ll be along.  Stay tuned.

Assuming I’m alive, everything else being equal.

Old Jules

32 responses to “Epiphany disambiguated

  1. Glad to hear from you, it has been awhile. Hope you stay well and get over that epiphany, that can be a nasty disease (grin).

  2. Welcome back bro, keep on rockin’ this mean old world the way you do so very well…….

  3. Nice to read you again. Welcome back. Glad to hear you’re doing better than you expected. That’s a bonus, right? 😀

  4. That’s my Man!!! Give em hell Harry(Jack)

  5. Glad to hear from you. Hope the VA is treating you well these days.
    At our age we aren’t as far from Heaven as we used to be.
    I woke up this morning so that means I’m still here. Glad you are too.

    • Hi Tim. I haven’t seen the VA for a while but the day’s coming … I’m buying sports oxygen boost bottles on Amazon for the time being but I’m thinking it might be time for the heavier artillery. Gracias, J

  6. Great to have you back—even temporarily!

  7. Fantastic. Welcome back. Can’t wait to hear about that nasty reflux. Best

  8. I hear every bit of this. Anyone who’s getting up in years and is aware he or she is still kicking the can around is just plain lucky imho.

  9. Great to see your name popping up in the inbox again. I was beginning to wonder what you were up to. Greetings from across the pond and may the writing force be with you.

  10. I was beginning to wonder if you had gotten too far away from heaven. Great to see you in my Inbox.

  11. Glad to hear you’re still kicking!

  12. Good to hear from you again

  13. thanks, that esophaghal reflux post is just in time… By the way, ever made homemade butter? It’s pretty good. Guess the secret is combining it with something else, like putting the jar on the car floor so it rolls around or maybe tying it onto the blanket of a bronco… lol

  14. It’s good to find you in today’s inbox again.

  15. Welcome back, thank goodness for your epiphany!

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