Esophageal reflux miracle antidote

One of the two brands I've used with outstanding success.

One of the two brands I’ve used with outstanding success.

Hi readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

I promised yesterday that I’d share something I can attest to from personal experience to lift your spirits if you’ve got a goozle with a relaxed sphincter.  When that gorge of hellfire shoots up all the way into your nostrils it’s no fun.  Especially when you’re already following all the rules the medico community gave you to keep it from happening.

I discovered this somewhat by accident when Jeanne picked up something called, “Digestive Enzymes” because I was sleeping in the recliner because the medication wasn’t doing the job for me.   The brand wasn’t the one above and it wasn’t the veggie version, but the reflux seemed reduced or gone enough to cause me to believe it was helping.  When the bottle was gone I quit and the reflux returned.

So out of hunger I had her pick up whatever she could put her and on quickly of the same genre.  This one worked also.

So you have anecdotal antidotal evidence that in the case of the ugliest goozle in Christiandom, this stuff helps.

I take as many as a dozen per day, certainly one after each meal.  Then after the evening meal I take another every time my stomach reminds me it’s still there and ruminating on the ill treatment I gave it this lifetime.  Until bed.

Then, every time I wake to take a leak I take a Serrapeptase tablet to dissolve as much scar tissue as possible.  The stuff I got because I didn’t know about digestive enzymes.

Good luck.




6 responses to “Esophageal reflux miracle antidote

  1. Good morning Jules,
    Glad to hear from you again and happy to know you found something to help your condition.
    You may know of John Bergman, if not, get to know him. He has a very interesting and natural way of looking at our health, and our screwed up medical system. Look him up on the internet at: John has tons of his wisdom on Youtube.
    Keep fit and enjoy Christmas.


  2. I take one omeprozole daily and it works fine. ( from the VA)
    But… for over 40 years I just used a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water, as needed, and it worked fine.

    • Hi Tim. For me that baking soda’s no longer an option. Good luck with the omeprozole. Used to work for me, but the docs say my long use of it might have contributed to my ugly ticker. Gracias, J

  3. Too bad you have that problem. Watch your diet and get off the meds as soon as you can.

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