What is this thing called ‘we’?


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If you’re like me you probably figure you know an awfully lot about how this country and this world ought to be run.   All sorts of opinions about some composite of human being  bagged into the word, ‘who’ ought to get fed, get rich, or get killed.   Most of that ‘who’ can be distinguished from ‘we’ in various ways.

For instance, people who need killing are usually located outside the boundaries of our country.   And they tend to be inside the boundaries of a country our politicians and wealthy people dislike for one reason or another.   And usually people who need killing get around to being killed if they don’t see the error of their ways.

People who ought to get fed, on the other hand, and those who shouldn’t is a lot more complicated.  Of course, right at the top of what people ought to have full bellies are those blessed with wealth, either by coming from a wealthy family, by being really good at selling something, or by stealing it and getting by with it [or having ancestors who did].

Next, the people who ought to get to keep their tummies full ought to be people as much like ‘us’ and possible.   People who go to jobs everyday that pay enough so’s there’s plenty of money for food and other things.   Naturally those should be fed because they’re like US.

And then of course there are those people who definitely shouldn’t be fed.   Snot nosed kids who are born in bad neighborhoods, who have parents who use drugs, drink too much, and the fathers don’t take responsibility for them.    Those little bastards need to be deprived of food so they can be persuaded to earn an ‘honest’ living.    As prostitutes, say, or selling drugs on schoolgrounds.   If they wanted a better life they should have been born to wealthy parents.

But that’s just me, and you, if you happen to be like me.    A lot of other soft hearted people think EVERYONE ought to be fed and NOBODY ought to go hungry, or suffer cold because he or she can’t afford a warm place to stay.

Yeah, and those commie snowflakes ought to be killed.    They definitely aren’t a piece of ‘we’.

Thanks for the visit.

Old Jules

6 responses to “What is this thing called ‘we’?

  1. I think I got enough on my hands with trying to feed me and not getting myself killed.

  2. You are right in assuming many to most people feel the way you assume here. I think in the deepest recesses of their minds, anyhow. We are living in shadowy times where these denied judgments and hatreds are coming out of the woodwork.

    But there is enough, if distribution weren’t a problem. Obviously areas like Sudan and Syria lack enough fertile soil in which to grow crops for the masses. But technology could surely serve up solutions. So then it’s political. (duh)

    Here in Hawaii there are actual food drives, which I find kind of crazy. Canned Spam, stews, canned fruits and vegetables. When fruit is fallen from trees everywhere and vegetables are being tossed out at farmers markets and pigs overrun forests. Wild turkeys everywhere. But this is not what tastebuds have been trained to appreciate. And so there is diabetes and high blood pressure and so on.

    Isn’t food complicated for being so essential? ❤

  3. another good post by _ Old Jules

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