Mister Midnight’s flaw

mr midnight bracelet 2 all

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by.

A cat only has so much dignity he can hold on to. We all know that. So imagine how tough life must be for a black cat forced to go through life with a silver bracelet of hair on one of his back legs.
mr midnight bracelet
Naturally I find myself trying to grab that leg for a closer look at it. And naturally he’s become particularly sensitive about it.

Oh yeah, I tell him it’s great, it’s what I like about him. What makes him special. But every time I grab for it to have a better look, the tries to jerk it away, sometimes even bites at me an hisses.

Because deep down, no matter what I say, Mister Midnight knows the truth.

Old Jules

6 responses to “Mister Midnight’s flaw

  1. Yup but he knows when he’s being judged! Maybe he’s got his own thoughts about it and is coming from a higher perspective?
    The Greeks figured perfect beauty never exists unless it has a flaw! Maybe Mr Black has been reading Greek texts while you’ve been busy?

    • He’s a rescue cat and lived a hard life before I got him from the shelter. Even though I’ve had him with me several months he’s still having to get used to the fact we’re not doing everything for keeps. The perspective is different, maybe higher. He’s the first cat I have ever known that doesn’t purr… has a scar on his throat which might be why. And no front claws. So he and i are having to learn one another. Old Jules

  2. He was someone’s indoor cat which is why he has no front claws. Wish people wouldn’t do that. I’m sure he’ll warm up to you eventually.

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