Amazing quilting

Hi readers.

During the coldest months of last winter a friend from one of my previous lifetimes heard about my situation here and sent me a fantastic, warm, welcome gift. Judy Van Hooser was so long ago I’d have thought she had forgotten I exist.

judy quilt1
Beautiful work and it all appears to be hand-stitched.

judy quilt3
Every year Judy makes one of these and gives it to a veteran somewhere.

judy quilt2
Last year she contacted my ex-wife, Caroline, and said she’d like to give this one to me.

judy quilt flipside

I was both dumbfounded and ecstatic. It’s almost too fine to use as a quilt. But these winter nights don’t leave a lot of room for the luxury of using a warm quilt for a showpiece. This one does what quilts and blankets were always supposed to do.

Thank you Judy. You’ve earned a place in my gratitude affirmations. And every time I use that quilt I remember.

Old Jules

14 responses to “Amazing quilting

  1. A quilt that nice deserves to be honored by using it but also taking careful care of it.

  2. I’ve slept under a lot of different covers, but nothing quite does it like a good quilt. I’m impressed with the design of yours.

  3. It’s well deserved and I hope you enjoy the comfort it can give. Know that there are those out here who honor those who have served by making quilts for them. Blessed be.

  4. Did your benefactor tell you any background information about the designs on this lovely quilt? I don’t know a lot about quilt patterns, but there are special meanings behind each design.

    Just by comparing these designs with similar ones on a quilt my mother once owned, they appear to have been passed down from some in the 19th century. The angular style is similar to that found on “barn quilts” of that general era. I’m just guessing and could be off by several years.

    Anyway, quilts are amazing parts of American culture.

    • Actually I wasn’t aware of all that. I don’t know what sort of meanings it might carry in the patterns. Thanks for pointing out there’s more to know about it. Gracias, Old Jules

  5. Lucky you! Enjoy the comfort and care that went into making that quilt just for you. It’s beautiful.

  6. Your quilt is gorgeous. It’s nice to be surprised by an old friend from time to time.

  7. Glad you’re enjoying the quilt. I hope it helps to keep you warm and toasty. Have to admit most of it was done on machine, with very little hand stitching. But I really enjoy the making of quilts and was bowled over by this lovely post. You’re a good writer, my friend.

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