Worth losing Medicare and Social Security to Make America Great?

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I confess I don’t understand the logic, but around here eavesdropping on conversations between folks of SS pension age, they think losing their SS pension is going to be just ducky.

Not to say they’re mentioning Social Security, or Medicare, or Medicaid. But they’re obviously receiving it, and they’re tickled pea green with the politicians who have every intention of taking away that part of their livelihood.

They love this man in the White House now and considered the State of the Union message ‘inspirational’. Not one dissenting comment I’ve overheard yet.

Well, heck. As a man who relies on Social Security for my only source of income, and on Medicare for a substantial piece of my medications, I’d just like to say, I don’t think America is likely to become great by causing greater hardship for anyone at all in the population. And I’m a bit appalled to see so many people expressing their glee that a bunch of wealthy politicians of both parties are going forward with deliberate plans to do precisely that.

Fact is, if there was ever anything to admire about this country it was the claim that as a people we wanted to make life better for everyone among us.

And in my opinion only human scum would take any joy out of trying to make it worse for any of us.

Old Jules

15 responses to “Worth losing Medicare and Social Security to Make America Great?

  1. I am due to begin collecting some of what I paid into SS starting this summer. I’ve been writing to my Senators and Representative about this insanity. I also tell my friends to do the same thing. The Social Security looks like it’s about to become Social Insecurity.

  2. America was great in the fifties and sixties after ww2. The other industrialized countries had been reduced to rubble, and the US had the only standing manufacturing sector left in tact. The US quickly declined after the first 20 post war years as the other countries rebuilt their capacities!
    Is Trump going to engineer the destruction of the rest of the world so the US can again be on top of the world?
    I doubt the US will go through ww3 without itself being destroyed!

  3. I totally agree with you on that.
    Take care, my friend,

  4. Reading your posts backward, very happy to note your return.
    There’s a few people in DC begging for a ride to the grassy knoll and I’d be willing to chip in on the gas to get them there.

  5. The masses love a showman. And to hell with what’s being said. It’s fucking scary.

  6. Haven’t heard anything from you in a while, everything OK.

    • Thanks …. Yep, things are fine….. Just been mulling over a few blog entries that might somewhat change the direction of the moment. Gracias, Old Jules

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