Old Sol’s becoming difficult again

ROARING BEAVER APPEARS IN NORTHERN LIGHTS: Seeing animals in clouds is a physiological phenomenon called pareidolia. On Feb. 6th, Markus Varik of Tromsø, Norway, experienced auroradolia. “We saw a roaring beaver in the Northern Lights!” he says.

Hi readers.

“Things got even stranger after that. “The shapes we witnessed were unlike anything I have ever seen before as an aurora tour guide,” says Varik. “For about 30 minutes the lights transformed from a beaver to Mother Theresa and many other things. Our guests were as happy as can be!”

“Warning: Auroradolia may be contagious. Browse the gallery for more examples.”     Spaceweather.com

This morning while praying up Old Sol I was so distracted by Sunspot AR2699 that I neglected to pay proper homage to the coronal hole on the northeastern face of our star.    It’s Old Sol’s way of sending us videos to communicate his reactions to happenings on earth via a solar wind coming off that coronal hole.

old sol coronal hole feb 8 2018

As you can easily see, Old Sol has some issues at the moment.   When he comes to earth and does the Roaring Beaver, heck, there’s just no telling what he’ll do next.

But stay tuned and remember where you heard it.

Old Jules


6 responses to “Old Sol’s becoming difficult again

  1. Thanks for the warning.

  2. I have never been able to find a solar filter for my 16″ telescope. Most sun filters are made for smaller scopes. You don’t need a huge light bucket scope for our nearest star. I have some smaller scopes that I could use for that. Someone once asked me what I could see with a scope that big and I said anything I want to see.

    • Good answer. I don’t have a filter for the 4.5 inch, but I’m looking forward to the time when I do. The filter sheets are comparatively inexpensive and a collar to hold it shouldn’t be difficult. For the moment it’s too cold outdoors to take me out there with a tube. Gracias, Old Juels

  3. We are closer to Sol so can see more. Your picture makes him look ready to blow a gasket.

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