These youngsters and their ‘March For Our Lives’

I suppose you have to have buzz words and jingles if you want to turn out the masses for your demonstrations.   I’ll confess I’m a bit ambivalent about the anti-assault weapon frenzy and don’t believe for a minute any lives will be saved by taking them out of the hands of civilians.    I wouldn’t lift a finger to support an issue I consider a meaningless gesture.

But on the other hand, it’s an inconvenient fact the same folks who rally for the 2nd Amendment and want to wave their assault rifles around also want to rape Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.    And these youngsters in the streets waving signs wouldn’t lift a finger to keep them from doing it.

So what a lucky coincidence!   The flood that’s going to sweep away assault rifles [I couldn’t care less about] will carry with it the people who want to rob senior citizens of their livelihood, health care, and keep them from having to live under bridges [which the anti-gun youngsters couldn’t care less about].

Just imagine it!    800 places all over the US, thousands of people in the streets inadvertently working to throw the people out of national elected office in 2018 and 2020 who want to destroy Social Security, Medicare and Medicade.

March 24, 2018, March of our Lives locations in the US. People inadvertently marching and demonstrating to save Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Well friends, I might just have to get me a sign and join them.

If I had to take away every assault rifle in the US to save my SS pension and Medicare, I’d be out there carrying signs pretending to believe that confiscating every assault rifle in existence would stop those school shootings.

Nobody ever demanded the two issues had to ride in the same boat, but once it happened I favor torpedoes to sink the ship and making sure any lifeboats carrying them don’t reach a safe harbor.   They haven’t left any room in the equation to call themselves a loyal opposition.    They are the enemy who happens to like guns and hate letting old people have a means to live.

What a lucky coincidence the same politicians who pander to gun lovers want to rob seniors of their Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Sooooo you can have my Social Security check when you pry it from my cold dead fingers,

You can have my Social Security check when you pry it from my cold dead fingers, I reckons.   Me and my kiddos who want to take your guns away and incidentally protect my livelihood are going to sink your ship.

Old Jules

9 responses to “These youngsters and their ‘March For Our Lives’

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  2. Eventually, many of these bright kids will discover the amazing power of coalition building. It wouldn’t surprise me if the networking hasn’t already taken root.

  3. I apologise again for not presenting a full picture of this when I pinged you! More haste less less sense in this instance. I have added a note to my post. I hope you are right and that this is part of a wave that swamps the … well you know. And perhaps the older generation can learn and take the example and run with it to tackle the issues that affect them too. Or, as swabby429 says, perhaps the youngsters are already coalition building – let’s hope so. A team of the too young to be tainted and the too old to care about their careers – now that would be good.

    • Seems to me it’s time to mature beyond single issue voting. The gun nuts spread themselves in that direction when the TeaParty was formed ….. suddenly became an economic philosophy, protecting 2nd Amendment, pounding the Bible, pro prisons, pro drug war, pro life, pro sending home all the foreigners …… and it won them most governorships, state legislatures, Congress and the presidency. The only way to defeat them is to get people who have their main issues opposing any one of those turning out to vote, helping one another by trusting that rising water floats more than one sort of object. But that’s just me. To defeat what you care about you’re going to need a lot of people who have unrelated issues they’re more concerned about, and they’ve got to be excited enough to get up off their butts and go to the polls…. send checks to candidates, the whole ball of wax. And that won’t be easy….. I know a lot of seniors who want to support the 2nd Amendment, and someone’s going to have to convince them they’re going to lose their livelihood if they don’t listen to reason. Gracias, Old Jules

      • Seems to me that, among other things, politicians need to move away from personal attacks – but it’s too late for that I guess and a society focused on media personalities and willing to overlook the kinds of things the current incumbent in the WH is doing/has done – well, let’s hope the young can resurrect a decent world eventually. But seriously too, why don’t older voters like you join forces and send them messages abut the wider issues? Suggests they enlist their grans who have time on their hands – if they haven’t already. You never know, it might snowball (lots of snowflakes might be converted!).

        • Mostly kids dislike old folks. Maybe we’ve earned it. If you’re an oldster and manage to get a job flipping hamburgers, shelving goods, say, at the Dollar General store surrounded by young people they treat you like a leper. Sneer, smirk, laugh, challenge. Contempt.

          I go to a group of old guys at the Senior citizen center here a couple of times a month and even their progeny once-removed have attitude about them, confront them with that attitude. So I don’t care much about the genre and I accept they don’t care crap about me. Not likely to change.

          Anyway, it isn’t as though guns and Social Security are the only issue to qualify as hot button. Overall they aren’t even the most important. Constitutional wars vs undeclared presidential military adventures ought to be a major concern of everyone young and old. Most youngsters seem to place a high value on the potential abortion in their futures. Most would like to have jobs and upward mobility in the workplace. Most would like to command decent salaries. The list goes on and on.

          What I find distracting is the implication that somehow there should be a need for oldsters to outreach to youngsters as though those are the only two issues on the board. Old Jiules

          • That was certainly nto what I was suggestig. Thought if old folks had a need for some traction they could team up with youngsters. But never mind. It’s the middle ones who are holding it all up, mostly, isn’t it? Over and out.

          • Maybe. But I’m more inclined to think it’s complacency …. Old Jules

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