Daily Archives: August 16, 2020

Update from Jeanne- August 16, 2020

Hi everyone,

I head back to my job as library clerk in an elementary school this week. Kids arrive back Sept. 8th… around 500 coming to library class every week. Our district is putting lots of safeguards in place, but there is no doubt that distancing will be problematic at best, and the numbers of Covid cases in our county are not great…we’re in the “yellow zone.”

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has read Jack’s writing recently and thanks to the few new subscribers. Obviously, this is more of a memorial to Jack on my part than an effort to gain readers, but I do appreciate the hits and the comments. It’s a weird situation blogging for someone who has passed on, but the grief process takes a lot of forms and apparently this is how I go through this. We had lots of projects we worked on together over the years and I miss that.

The blog posts are pre-scheduled through December of 2022. They are random for the most part.  I have far more Q/A posts in the latter months of the time period. (There are far more of those in my files than I can use). I have just transcribed some letters he wrote to me and my family that I thought were entertaining.  Sometimes I find something really witty and want to publish it sooner but the rearranging of pre-scheduled posts is a pain, so I just add them in as a see a space even if it’s 2 years out.  I’m also trying to track down appropriate photos for some posts that would be improved with them. (If you have a lot of photos, take the time to label them… we did not… it’s now a nuisance that we did not!)

I will keep watching for comments and so forth, but this project is shifting to the back burner now as my schedule changes.

I have another blog for my own art work, if you want to take a look. There is not a lot of writing, but when I finish a painting or some other creative effort, that’s where I post it. Some of the links in the headers aren’t accurate any more, but blog maintenance issues will have to come later! Maybe if they cancel school!

Thanks again for reading,