The Law of The Jungle

Jack wrote this in March, 2006:

Evening Blogsters:

I don’t believe this, but it is, nevertheless, true.

War is a healthy phenomenon for any country not involved in the hostilities.

That’s right.  If you aren’t involved, war is good.

The nations involved are weakened, they squander their resources and their young men.

The countries not fighting can sell their products to the warring nations, raise the prices on their goods,  produce and enjoy amazing prosperity at the expense of the nations at war.

Hot damn.  Let’s go to peace and sell our products to the folks who’d begin killing one another as soon as our troops came home.

Chalk that last part.  The net worth of all goods manufactured in the US last year was $3.52.  Three dollars and fifty-two cents.  Even US flags are manufactured in China.


One response to “The Law of The Jungle

  1. jack’s sense of humour lives on…

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