Nocturnal Nonsense

Nocturnal Nonsense


3 am I wake

Find you atop me


I savor

The soft purr

Of you

The gentle scratch

Of nail on flesh

Tiny pleasure pain

I hold

I hold

I hold

I can wait

No more


Lift you

Lovingly aside

And rise

You follow watching

My grimaced



Muscle pressure




Your feline tail

Lashes S and Z

On empty air

Your green eyes fixed

I search absently

For a synonym:





Runs a poor second

To “false Gods”


The prayer ends

While I ponder how this

Like the useless


Serves no function.


No.  No.

It reminds


Other uses

Other times.


From Poems of the New Old West

Copyright©2002 Jack Purcell


Almost every facet of the human life experience has been celebrated to death in poem and song.

This one hasn’t.   Remember where you heard it first.

We’re talking MEME here.  (A word I learned a few days ago and knew in a flash of insight applied to the future of this ground-breaking poetic genre.)


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