So Far From Heaven

Hi everyone, Jeanne here. Going offline for a few days, actually driving down to New Mexico to try to get the pack rats out of my cabin. Posts are still scheduled here, but I won’t be checking for comments until next week. It will be a different kind of trip for sure, not having Jack to comment on the crops, the history, tell me stories, or speculate about all the things we notice on the road along the way. But I’ll try to be as fascinated with what I see along the way as he always was.
Back next week. Thanks for reading, and hello to new subscribers!

4 responses to “So Far From Heaven

  1. Thanks for posting the old columns. Be careful with rat dropping dust. Wear your mask.

  2. Have a safe trip and take care!

  3. Traveling with Jules would have been an exciting experience. Enjoy your trip to New Mexico and the sights along the way.

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