The high and the mighty

Jack wrote this in November of 2006:

Morning blogsters:

Beeeeeeeyouuuuuutiful moon this morning.

I see where some guy, Steve Howards,  in Beaver Creek, CO, was taking his grandson to town and saw some guy Dick Cheney hanging around kissing babies.  Howards always wanted to tell a high ranking stinkier in government what he thought.

“I think your policies are reprehensible,” he says to Cheney and walks on.  Secret Services people hand cuffs him and takes him off to the slammer, as is right and just.

This ain’t the time to be thinking there’s still a US Constitution and Bill of Rights.  The sooner you get that through your heads the easier it will be for you in the short run.

In the long run, probably not much will help, but the short run’s been the important thing too long to change now, most likely.


One response to “The high and the mighty

  1. Jack knew what was coming down the road.

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