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Have you ever seen a UFO?

Old Jules, have you ever seen a UFO?

I’ve seen a lot of UFOs but only two couldn’t possibly be explained away one way or another.

One with a lot of other witnesses on California Avenue in Socorro, New Mexico.

The second,  long-lasting and relatively close.

I was in the only telephone booth in Pie Town, New Mexico around midnight,early fall of 1999. I’d driven in specifically for the purpose of using the telephone because there was no telephone at the cabin where I lived several miles outside town.

The town only has a couple-hundred people and there were no lights in town. Low overcast, 500 feet or less. It appeared above me and stayed there while I told the person on the phone what was happening. It stayed maybe 10-15 minutes and gave me the willies badly enough I got thinking I was the reason it was there. I told the person I was talking to adios and went to the truck, took a .45 out from under the seat and racked in a round.

It moved a bit about then, not much but some, while I stood there pointing a pistol at it waiting in the dark. It moved a little more, seemed to descend — at least it got larger, and stopped again.

I decided to just get the hell out of there if I could. Cranked up the truck and drove about a quarter mile and pulled off the highway to make sure it wasn’t following me. It sort of drifted or glided off to the north and vanished into the overcast.

Edit: Pie Town’s located about 30 miles west of the VLA almost atop the Continental Divide, an isolated community in the middle of nowhere. The experience motivated me enough to try to find out whether objects of that particular description and configuration were common, because I’d never heard of one. I occasionally would research various UFO sighting archives on the web.

Turned out years later I found that within a few days of my own sighting an object of almost identical description upset a lot of on-duty military personnel by behaving almost the same way at White Sands Missile Testing Range near Alamogordo, New Mexico, a couple of hundred miles SE from Pie Town. White Sands is an extremely high security area and they take it personally when something intrudes into the airspace over the place, more personally yet when it hangs around and isn’t scared.

There was (maybe still is) a squadron of F117s stationed at Alamogordo [Luftwaffe] at the time, and they scrambled. But the object removed itself before they arrived.

As for my own experience and the times involved — I’m having to best guess. The person I was describing it to on the telephone and I took a stab at it toward the end of our conversation before I decided to evacuate. But things seem longer and it mightn’t have been that long. Afterward, while I was standing there watching and pointing the .45 it’s anyone’s guess. Might have been as little as 5 minutes, but it seemed a lot longer.