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Four Limericks on Life

Four Limericks on Life

He goes by the surname of Fauna
From the platypus to the iguana
He hunts and he stalks
And he ceaselessly talks
Of the death and the killing he want’ta.

She goes by the surname of Flora.
She’s plankton, she’s trees, a plethora
But lives in a dread
Avoiding his tread
He’s Sodom, he’s death, he’s Gomorrah!

He eats, he digests, he excretes her;
She’s worried each time that he meets her.
It’s not so dismaying
To find him decaying:
His syrup of nitrogen treats her.

Submerged in a hostile reality
Humanity flirts with finality.
He yearns to transcend
But his carnal self wins
And he spends all his life in banality.

From Poems of the New Old West
Copyright 2002, Jack Purcell