Musings on negative places and negative energy

Jack wrote this in February, 2006:

Hi blogsters:

On the Pine Hill Navajo (self-determination) Rez south of Ramah Chapter there’s a place that’s come to be called, “Skin-Walker Valley” by everyone who’s willing to use the word.  Interestingly, the valley extends into an area checker-boarded with white-owned lands called Candy Kitchen.

What’s surprising is that, while the Skin-Walker phenomenon clearly began on Din’e land, the weirdness and negativity spills over and permeates into the white community.  Although some good folks, both white and Din’e live and make out as best they can in this remote area, it’s shockingly pervaded by all manner of crime.  Speed freaks and laboratories are drawn there as by a magnet.

Violence is pandemic.  As an example, a few years ago three Navajo youths tortured and killed an octogenarian white woman in her home, puncturing her skull with a screwdriver eighteen times until she died.  She had nothing much worth stealing.  They did it for ‘fun’.

When the lads were identified they were arrested on the Rez, where tribal authorities resisted giving them up for white justice for several days.

Meanwhile, deep in the Rez to the north, near Pueblo Pintada, another valley is rapidly coming to be known as ‘Skin-Walker Valley’, and another at Alamo, far to the southeast.

This phenomenon, were it discussed openly and recognized as in need of investigation, would be far easier for tribal officials to develop strategies to deal with.  Open discussion would also help nearby residents and authorities off the Rez toward a clearer perspective concerning an energy and a belief system that is oozing up through the cracks of their lives, slouching across from tribal lands.

More of this later.


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