Say It Like You Mean It

From Poems of the New Old West:

Say It Like You Mean It

(Trust me on this)


Send her roses now and then

A box of chocolates might help

She loves to hear, “I love you”

Even if you don’t

Candy lies with chocolates and roses


When things get bad

And the secretary winks

Keep in mind

This won’t make it any better


Keep your valentines at home

Secretaries don’t come easy

And two women in your life

Ain’t a big improvement

Over one


When the embers cease to glow

Don’t forget or you’ll regret

You forgot the anniversary

There’s nothing out there better


Give her candlelight and roses

Candy lies with candlelight and roses


From Poems of the New Old West

Copyright 2002, Jack Purcell


There’s something noble in satisfying her yearnings for romance.  It won’t cost you much and, for some reason I never understood, she needs it.


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