Daily Archives: March 31, 2021

Ask Old Jules: Uniting the world, Where love comes from, Correcting karma, How to deal with the Ego

Old Jules, how about uniting the world? Can we all love each other unconditionally?

Conditionally or unconditionally there’s not much about us as a species to love. We try to make up for it as individuals to some extent, but the sea can’t resist the tides, the smoke can’t resist the wind.

Old Jules, do you think a healthy mind produces love?

A healthy mind transcends love in favor of something far less ambiguous. A needy, clinging mind produces love. A needy mind, if healthy at all, incorporates a type of health necessary to produce challenges and obfuscations to disguise reality.

Old Jules, how do we work on correcting our karma in this life when we might not be sure what our karma is that we already accumulated?

If you stand back from yourself and observe without bias the challenges you face in your life you’ll get an excellent understanding of the karma you’ve accumulated.

Old Jules,  do you think selfless work purifies consciousness? Because when there is no trace of ego involvement, we can’t produce new karma?

Ego is a tricky, sticky yet slippery thing. Maybe its due to that paradoxical nature that we have yet to really understand why. From what I understand, though, is that if you are aware that it is selfless, and are doing it for intentional selfless reasons, its only really selfish in the fact that you are trying to be selfless to satisfy a desire for egolessness, which in the end only embellishes the actual ego itself. I think the trick is, is to just really appreciate your surroundings, do what you want to do, not get in the way of others but work with them to attain goals together. All the while not worrying about whether it works for or against the ego. I’d liken the ego to a nagging itch, if you just ignore it, it will just vanish. Though you can never really be itchless as long as there’s skin to be itchy and things to irritate it.