Ask Old Jules: A full life, second-hand knowledge, meaning of life, destiny/serendipity, feelings/knowledge, MacArthur quote

Harper, TX 2010 123

Old Jules, do you feel you just exist or live a full life?
What is the difference? Can we kick the ‘just existing’ into a full life? What can be the barriers? Is our ‘lot in life’ just that, what we have and no more?

The problem is the process of trying to swim your thinking upstream far enough to discover the ‘present’ or ‘now’ doesn’t exist. That’s the main barrier, hidden in the boundary between the past and the future [think of it as non-linear, but a landscape bounded by something akin to a rift between two tectonic plates]

Once you come to understand that everything you are is squirting through that barrier and drifting over into the past you can begin to examine the tunnels and possibly the facets you can manipulate and those you can’t within the context of the traps, snags, mazes and pitfalls the Coincidence Coordinators will throw into your path.

Tough gig, but it’s definitely the only way.

Old Jules, what are the problems of second hand knowledge?

Experiencing something yourself is entirely different than hearing or reading about it, I’d say.
There’s no such thing as second-hand knowledge. There’s so much opinion, theory, wisdom, rock-hard certainty floating around, much of it mutually exclusive, anything can sail under the flag of knowledge and get by with it.
The only hope a person might have for knowing anything involves treating second-hand knowledge as places to examine without any biases in favor of, or against, and tippy-toeing through like a field of cactus, being careful not to let anything stick to you without you knowing it.

Old Jules, how can really understand the true meaning of LIFE?

Abandon everything you believe you know, open your eyes and allow yourself to observe what’s going on around you. Disbelieve what anyone tells you and observe, try to make some sense of what you observe.

In a few years you’ll have a lot clearer notion about it all without all the heterodyne of human chatter cluttering up your thinking.

Old Jules, in your opinion/experience: Is finding ‘the one’ destiny or serendipity?

Serendipity. Human destinies tend to be individually of such microscopic significance viewed from a distance in time or geography as to render ‘destiny’ an absurdity of overstatement.

Old Jules, do feelings give us knowledge if not why? u know wen we see something bad we have a bad feeling etc, do feeling like anger or sadness give us the same knowledge as the feelings wen we see something bad? if not why?

Feelings experienced give us knowledge about how feelings feel and not much else. They certainly teach us nothing about spelling, grammar, or refining our notions about ‘bad’ and ‘good’.

Old Jules could you tell me why this quote is meaningful? I would like to know what this quote means to you. If it is motivational at all.
“We are not retreating- we are advancing in a different direction.”
-Gen. Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964)

It means ‘Dugout Doug’, as he was known to the troops he abandoned when the Japanese took Manila, didn’t care to admit defeat. His inspiring declaration, “I shall return!” when he escaped by submarine probably looked good in print and didn’t harm those he left behind for the Bataan death march.


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