Ask Old Jules: Pornography, Living in the present, Best philosophy of life, Common sense or genius, Greatest lie ever told

Jack at 24 Camino los Altos

Old Jules, do you believe adult movies are damaging to the mind and souls of humans? I believe adult movies are damaging to social skills and relationships. Do you believe this about pornography?

I believe you believe it. I believe the people participating in such movies voluntarily are in a better position to choose for themselves than you are to choose for them.

How’d you come by your belief? Been there and found yourself damaged in your social skills? Were you a paragon of social skill, then lost it concurrently with having group sex with one or another animal or human, then on the internet for others to admire?

Or are you referring to people watching it? If so, what evidence have you experienced suggesting you’d be more socially acceptable if you didn’t watch so much porn?

Try laying off it a while and see whether it helps.

Old Jules,  if we all lived in the PRESENT NOW and got rid of the concept of time, would life be better? Of course time will still exist because the planets are moving but if we stopped living our life according to time and instead only ever considered the present moment, the now, with no thought or concern for the future at all, just living for the very same moment that we’re all aware of. Would life be better?

The now is a massive object of endeavor even to find. Try chasing your thoughts forward to it. You can’t complete a microscopic piece of a thought in the now. Everything you believe you’re thinking is what you believe you thought in something you define as now, but it happened so quickly you’ve no justification for even believing ‘now’ exists except as an artifact of something in the future.

If you can’t find the now there’s not a chance worth considering you can ‘live’ in it.

Old Jules, what would be the best philosophy of life?

Be exceedingly careful what you know because inevitably the bulk of it won’t be true. Examine where you came by everything you believe you know, every opinion. If it’s hand-me-down, picked up from something someone told you, slip it down a few notches in your ratings and withhold judgement pending further observation. Beliefs and what you believe you know are fences you build around your mind, doors you deliberately close to examination. You can condemn yourself to being surprisingly dense by knowing too much, and it happening to be false.

Delight in your life, make an adventure of it and be grateful for everything.
The good, bad and ugly. It all helps season the soup that will eventually be you.


Old Jules, how is common sense mistaken as being a genius characteristic?

Human individuals almost universally believe they, personally, have common sense along with the ability to recognize a dearth of it in other individuals [who happen to disagree with them on some issue].

The general run of human beings are so far removed from genius they’ve no means of recognizing it, but they hold out the possibility that anyone who shouts their own perception of common sense from the rooftops is probably a genius.

Old Jules, what is the greatest lie ever told?

1] Human beings want peace
2] The Judeo-Christian-Muslim diety is a god of love
3] Christianity is a religion espousing love
4] Human beings ‘have to fight for peace’
5] Governments care about their citizens
6] Politicians are honest
7] The policeman is “your friend”

Take your pick.


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