Ask Old Jules: Favorite childhood memory, Problem solving, RAOK, Backwards life, Forgiving great evils

Jack at 24 Camino los Altos

Old Jules, what’s one of your favorite memories from childhood that you would like to experience again?

If I had to experience a piece of childhood again I think I’d have to choose running away from home. That’s the best I recall it ever getting.

Old Jules, could you describe one experience which demonstrated your problem-solving ability?

Battestar Gallinica. I needed a protected environment where a hen could be separated from the flock and protected during her brooding cycle for 20 plus days, then stay a week more with the chicks after they hatched. I had a large cable spool lying around wondering what to do with itself, along with a couple of lawn-mower platforms someone left beside the road because the engines kerplunked. I sawed a lawnmower platform in half and bolted it to the bottom of the cable-spool so’s to make it mobile, then removed a couple of slats from the inside of the spool to provide a place for the hen to sit on the eggs. I used refrigerator shelves cut-down to proper sizes, along with other discarded materials, to enclose the outer perimeter of the environment. I’ve hatched out a number of clutches of eggs in Battlestar Gallinica, and it’s been an asset, though an eyesore.

Old Jules what was your last random act of kindness?

I tipped a blackjack dealer 20% after I’d had a particularly nice streak of random cards.

Old Jules, what if death was really the birth of a new life just everything was backwards?

We’d have been able to hear what was being said backward in Louie Loueye without messing up our phonograph needles.

Old Jules, can the horrors of great evil be forgiven by ordinary human beings? Should it be forgiven?

If great harm came to you, or yours, it’s yours to forgive and you’ll only do further harm to yourself by not forgiving. But if it’s a great ‘evil’ or harm you and yours weren’t victims of there’s no forgiving for you to do and the entire matter is none of your business. Forgiving or not forgiving in such circumstances is just an ego-ride conversation piece.

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