Daily Archives: August 5, 2021

A couple of things

Jack wrote this in October, 2006:

The people on my friends list have been awfully courteous about not sending me spam they’re sending out to mailing lists, and forwards.  I appreciate the fact you don’t do it.

A while back I was getting daily email notices that I had messages on the blog site.  I’d check and find a lot of jokes I heard in 1954, warnings about spyware, cutesy platitudes, and just people wishing me and a hundred people a nice day with a smiley face.

I asked those folks to cease doing it, and when they continued I removed them from my list.

Those of you left, thank you.

I did get a forwarded PM today, but it’s the first in a while.  A cautionary thing about the dangers of identity theft, etc.  Somewhere backward among the forwards was a long note from someone who called herself, Chosen Lady.

Lots of praising of the Lord and self-backpatting for being so good.  But, she said, “Even Jesus knew when to get mad, and so do I.”  I paused long enough before deleting the message to wonder where a person might find Jesus quoted in Matthew, Mark, Luke, as being angry at anyone.

Brought to mind a funeral I attended once.  The preacher took the opportunity to throw a little fire and brimstone into the mix….. lots of people out there to say goodbye to a friend so I suppose the minister had a bigger audience to yell at than the usual Sunday fare.

After the preacher finished another man got behind the podium.

“Bill was a good man and my good friend for forty years.  We’re here to feel our last goodbyes to him.

“All the time I knew Bill you’d have never known he was a Christian until he died.  He acted the way a Christian ought to act, but he didn’t feel the need to brag about it.

“I could say a lot of kind things about Bill, but at the moment that’s the highest praise that comes to mind.”

I agreed then, and I agree now.