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Ask Old Jules: Ask God a question, Hippies loving nature, The dominant species, Escaping reality

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Old Jules, if you got a chance to ask God one question, what would you ask?

With the benefit of hindsight and reflection, God, what are your thoughts about making a bet with the devil to play mind and misery games with the life of Job? Would you do it again, faced with the same situation?

Old Jules, how did hippies show love for nature ?

They painted 20 foot high peace symbols on cliff walls in the middle of nowhere [some are still out there], left the ruins of attempted communes all over the US southwest, scattered trash from hell to breakfast, generally showed their love for nature the same ways as the rest of society, only in more remote locations.

Old Jules, is it possible that a species we cannot perceive is actually the dominant species on Earth?

They exist. Until now they’ve gone unnamed, but henceforth they’ll be known as the Coincidence Coordinators.

Old Jules, why is escaping reality ultimately harmful?

There’s no way of generalizing about life and how a person should deal with it. Every choice a person makes leads to a growth experience of one sort or another, and the composite of those make each of us what we are. Clich’es such as ‘escaping reality’ and ‘running away from problems’ are merely ways we can pretend we can see deeply into the lives of others to know what choices they ‘should’ make.