Daily Archives: January 17, 2022

Negative truisms and luck

Jack wrote this in October, 2006:

A wealthy senator somewhere wins a jackpot and immediately the grumbling aphorisms of barely disguised class warfare mentality, jealousy and reinforcement of the ‘poor man’ mentality bob to the surface of threads.

“Yeah, grumblewhine, the rich get richer.” As though those words represented some wisdom, some worthy truth about life.

A truth that didn’t apply a few days earlier when a dumpster diver found a million dollar ticket.

The irony is obvious. People are playing the lottery because they hope to become wealthy. But they hear of something good happening to a wealthy person, and they hate it.

Let me say that again. Lottery players want to become wealthy. But many of the same players feel a dislike for wealthy people. They hate to see something good happening to a person who is what they wish to become.

In my unique reality the universe listens to that sort of words and the underlying feelings and motivations they portray. The underlying pride, the identification at some gut-level of being ‘poor’, which they almost certainly aren’t.

There are a lot of reasons for a human being not to embrace negativity, ill wishing, resentment for good that comes to others, but this one is particularly damaging, in my view.  Damaging to the soul, damaging to the psyche, and damaging to the kinds of positive energy we’d like to have in our own lives.

Throwing an anchor into the rocky bottom where misfortune resides and dragging the vessel toward it doesn’t stand much likelihood of bringing in wealth. Thumbing the nose at the incarnation of what one hopes to become isn’t one of the best ways to bring it into a life.

Strange, strange world we live in, master Jack.