El Palenque

Jack posted this in November, 2005:

El Palenque

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El Palenque doesn’t think;
Knows and loves
His only job
And does it;
Perfection without compromise.
Where owls, hawks
And sly coyotes salivate
To lowest common denominator
When the cackling hen
Rises from a fresh-laid egg.

Gallo del Cielo

Gallo del Cielo
Looks at God
Before he dies
For eggs
From Araucana

Red Tail Hawk
Raptor eye
Picks the kindred soul
Of silky bantam
From the flock


(A buff-crested Polish)
False dawn
Full moon
Treetop cries
Of Rosencrantz
And Guildenstern
Deceived by
And sound
Misty memories
Of owl dreams

From Poems of the New Old West
Copyright 2002, Jack Purcell

Morning blogsters:

Mostly a quiet morning here.  Still thinking about those chickens, which occasionally happens.  Maybe next year I can fill up the chicken house and orchard in back with a new flock.  I love waking to the sounds of a flock of chickens stretching out and discovering they’re alive.

That pic at the top is a worked over scan of the grips on a 1911 Army Colt I keep around.  The grips came off another one that was evidently made for the Brazilian Police, carried around and worn completely out, except the grips.

An acquaintance of mine came by the piece, wanted to renovate it, but hated the grips because he believed they were too hokey.  Which of course, they were.  Made them a perfect match for me and mine.

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