Immortal Porpoises

Jack wrote this in November, 2005:

Morning blogsters:

It’s alway good to see the government backing away from sticking its nose into the private lives of the citizenry.  The Texas voters have wisely forced the Texas government to divorce itself from the issue of marriage.

In Texas it used to be illegal even to take a gull across a sedate lion for immortal porpoises, for gosh sakes.  Talk about government scattering itself around to find unlikely events to prohibit.

Wasn’t long ago Sammy Davis Jr. used to forever get himself in trouble for having some sort of genital exchange with women of the white gender, which was forbidden a lot of places.

I’m glad to see Texans point out to the Texas government that matters of marriage are private, spiritual and no business of the government.  Same with sex, for the most part.  The voters of Texas have demanded their government cease recognizing the institution of marriage.

Now people can go back to jumping across a broomstick, whatever, without having to worry about the thorny future issues of divorce, tax breaks for marriage partners, anything but just marriage bliss until death do them part.

In a somewhat fluid gender-environment of the brave new world questions such as who can marry whom achieve an ambiguity probably too complex, anyway.  There’s already been a case where two lesbians married one another in Texas because one of the two was born male.

Twenty years ago it was still a misdemeanor to shoot an Indian on a street car in Austin, which no longer had street cars and few enough Indians.  The sanctity of marriage, street cars and Indians in Austin, Texas are all a bit safer today because of the wisdom of Texas voters, the forced migrations of Texas Indians who survived the invention of Colt firearms, to Oklahoma, and the automobile.


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