Ask Old Jules: Jews, Souls, Self-discipline, Animal rights, How to make a girl like me more?

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Old Jules, what do you think of Jews?

A people who’ve had a tough gig. 2000 years of being persecuted by Christians, before that by Egyptians, Persians and Romans when they weren’t slaughtering their neighbors to comply with the instructions of their diety.

Old Jules, what are the contents of our souls ?

If you want the nearest approach to a scientific answer you might do some reading about the researches regarding reincarnation by scientists. Here’s one that might serve as a starting place for you: Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation is a book written by psychiatrist Ian Stevenson on the phenomena of what he calls spontaneous recall of information about previous lives by young children. The book focuses on twenty cases investigated by the author.

Old Jules, how can you achieve self discipline?

You might begin with something moderately unpleasant and demand of yourself spending a specified increment of time every day doing it. Maybe spending ten minutes daily memorizing the common logarithms one through 10 until you’ve done it. If you miss a day demand of yourself going back the next day. But that’s just an example. Anything you’d rather not do, demanding of yourself you do it daily and ignore whether it’s unpleasant or boring. Repetition might provide a starting place.

Old Jules, do you think animals have rights?

The ones living here have rights, but it’s because I have a contract with them and I honor my contracts. Animals who don’t have a contract with me don’t have rights in this immediate vicinity. The animals here with rights also have duties, but they’re limited, whereas the rights and duties I have where they’re concerned are more complex.

Old Jules, what’s the best way to help a girl like me more?

Treat her with respect but don’t want her badly, Don’t allow her to become dependent on you, Don’t become dependent on her, Recognize her boundaries and insist she recognize yours, Don’t attempt to own her and don’t allow her to attempt to own you Sacrifice your feeling that romance is silly in favor of the built-in need she has for romance. Do it in subtle ways by habit. Demonstrate you respect her. Listen to what she has to say. Send her roses now and then. Take her for moonlit walks. Candlelight dinners and wine with lousy romantic music in the background. Touch a lot without having to think about it. Look her in the eye when you’re talking to her and look her in the eye when she’s talking to you. Don’t look at other women when you’re with her. Don’t flirt with the waitresses while you’re with her. Communicate mutually your expectations of one another. If the expectations change update the communications so they’re always current. Don’t pick your nose, even when you’re comfortable with her, and don’t clip your toenails into the carpet.

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