More phone stuff

Jack wrote this in November, 2005:

Hi blogsters:

This thing is amazing.  Comes with two books of instructions about 50 pages each, probably half of those pages written upside down in Spanish.  I’m not great with Spanish when it’s right side up, but upside down is way beyond me.

But that ain’t enough.  There are lots of pages of warranty type stuff with parts of it emphasized in boldface, which is troublesome.  No way I’m going to read those parts.

Additionally, some of the extra loose stuff mentioned that if you have reception troubles to move to a window or extend the antenna.  I wasn’t having trouble with reception, but figured I might.  I looked all over that phone and couldn’t see any sign of an antenna to extend, but there were little bumps and cracks here and there.  Picked and pried at them with the point of a pocket knife enough to make lights come on and get static sounds (reception went all to hell), but still no antenna.

Finally, upside down in Spanish I found on upside down page 15 the remark that my particular model has an internal antenna.  Much relieved to hear it.  I don’t think this thing is up to too many sessions with the point of a Swiss Army Knife.

My tour d’force is high-tech fixing things with a Swiss Army Knife.


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