It’s here! Volume One, that is…

First volume of several

I finally got volume one, posts from 2005, ready for purchase (print-on-demand) on, so wanted to show you a few pictures and say a few things about the book.
First of all, if you’ve been reading along here, you’ve noticed that I add “Jack wrote this in 2005” (or whenever) at the top of each post. I decided to publish these volumes in a sort of chronological order (by month) so the posts in this particular volume will be familiar to you since they were posted here most recently. Same with the next volume, which is 2006… those posts came from previous blogs, but you’ve seen them over the last two years. You’ll even see some that aren’t yet posted, as I scheduled those in advance through the end of this year.

Title Page
Table of Contents
Table of Contents Page 2
Table of Contents Page 3
Back Cover

The completed book is 216 pages. There are a few photos, but I tried to keep the costs down by removing those that weren’t relevant to the text. I also tried to keep costs down by choosing the paperback format.

2006 is almost ready as well! I’ll give you an official announcement when I’ve made a few corrections.

I’ve gone over all the material I have from the blogs, and I estimate four more volumes if I keep them around the same length. Keeping track of formatting gets very complicated with a longer book so this is for my own convenience. But I might also do a book of “Ask Old Jules” posts, which are not included here. Jack answered thousands of questions when he was on that Q&A site, so there’s a lot to sort on those.

Marketing is not my forte, so except for posting updates here and on Jack’s Facebook page as the books become available, I won’t be trying to make my fortune over these. Feel free to share the link if you’d like. I appreciate all of you.


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