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Jack wrote this at the end of September, 2006:

Today I was finishing up battening down the hatches on the old adobe for winter.  The last week or so it’s been into the low 40s a couple of times, nights, so I’ve been pecking away at putting up plastic over the insides of most of the windows to cut down on the amount of wind blowing through the house.  I came across some car-covers free a while back when the lady was wrapping up at the flea market and was going to haul them to the dump because they didn’t sell.

I’m cutting up those to staple over the plastic in hopes it will provide insulation.  Last year it got cold enough in here to impress me with my pansyish non-pioneer spirit, even with Mexican blankets hung over all the windows and the front door on the inside.

Anyway, I ran spang out of staples and plastic, mid-job, so I toodled down to Rio Rancho Home Depot to buy more.  The clerk asked me in passing, “Does it look like snow out there to you?”

I’d been asking myself the same question almost from daybreak onward.  “Pretty early for it.  Almost never get snow before the first of October.  But it’s happened.”

Clerk laughed, handed me my bag, and I headed back through Bernalillo toward the mountains.

As I passed the Dollar General I was reminded I was running short of tortillas and a couple of other incidentals, so I swung in.  I always take a look at their half-price clearance items, which are dirt-cheap and sometimes something a man could use.

There on the half-price clearance table was a plastic package with a hand-crank flashlight and a handcrank AMFM Weather radio.  $12 regular price.  Hmmm.

Some little voice in my mind says, “Jack, old man, batteries are dead on your flashlight, and likely are dead on your radio.  You need to buy that $6 package of flashlight and battery just in case the power goes out for a few days.”

So I put it in the plastic box hanging off my arm, picked up a few extra cans of canned fruit and fruit c*cktail, and headed for the checkout.  Clerk knows me by sight and we’re amiable.  “You think it looks like snow out there?”

“You been talking to the guy down at Home Depot?”

Blank look.

“Guy down there just said the same thing.  I think you might be right.  That’s the reason I’ve picked that half-price radio and flashlight off your clearance table.”

Another blank look, then he squints at the plastic thingee with all that in it.  “Was this on the clearance table?”


He calls the manager over.  “Is this half price?”

“No.  The half-price stuff was all the summer stock… barbeque things and that.”

I scowl.  “Okay.  I’m not paying $12 for it.  Don’t ring it up.”

“You’ll buy it for $6?”  She grins at me.  We clown around  some when I’m in there.

“Five and a half.”


“Sold.  Ring it up.”

Sooooo.  I ended up with a hand-crank charging flashlight and radio.

The hosses are getting thick coats of hair.  I’m thinking it’s going to be an early, bull-goose of a winter.

Mainly the radio and flashlight thing.  I confess I haven’t gotten a good look at what the hosses  are doing, hair-wise.



Edited in: 

As I re-read this entry I noticed the censor had edited out the nasty part of the word c*cktail.  So here I was claiming I’d bought some fruit tail, which I might if I ever come across any, but this wasn’t the day for it.  That old censor’s always catching me out when I try to use that nasty word, full-c*cked pistol, c*ck fights, and now fruit c*cktail.  Lucky thing for me that old censor’s on the job.  Otherwise I’d be saying just awful stuff.