Ask Old Jules: Source of problems, Future home, Saving grace, One important thing, Hardest question

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Old Jules, are we actually the source of all of our own problems? Some people take the attitude that other people create all of their problems and some people believe that they are the source of their own torment. Which one is the most accurate and why?

We’re the ones making a choice as to whether we view it as a problem [unwanted difficulty] or a [welcome] challenge. If we’re able to approach life with an attitude welcoming difficulties the only influence others can have is to hand us blessings others might believe are problems.
But in most instances, even if we view them as problems we bear an overwhelming responsibility for creating them one way or another.
I just, for instance, spent a big part of the day working on a communist fuel line on a 1983 Ford F350 truck. An engineer in 1983, most likely, was responsible for the design that led to a job that should have taken 30 minutes becoming a full day of work and three different trips to town previously… 240 miles driven because of a lousy design.
Naturally, I’m glad and ecstatic it ain’t fixed yet.

Old Jules, what do you want to see in your future home? I’m an Interior Design student, and I’m working on this design project where I have to design a furniture piece for the future. The furniture piece may be in your living room or kitchen. Any suggestions?

A urinal would be nice. Something discrete behind a screen so a person could keep reading his book and absent-mindedly relieve himself without losing his place.

Old Jules, what has been your saving grace or graces?

Forcing self-doubt, then reinforcing it as a daily ritual has helped a lot. Forgiving others for not having enough self-doubt also helps.

Old Jules, what is the most important thing you can tell me?

Life’s a lot more complicated than you [almost certainly] believe it is and nothing much is as it seems. Allow yourself to not know as much as you are inclined to think you do.

What is the hardest question to you?

Time. Everything comes back to it.


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