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“Jeeze, what a life…” a final blog post from Jeanne

“Jeeze, what a life. What a ride this has been. What a phony, sexy, drug-induced hallucination.” -Old Jules

Well, folks, it’s time to end the blog posts. I’ve tried to keep Jack’s words alive over the last 2 1/2 years by posting from his former blogs, letters, and miscellaneous writing. I’m awfully glad I did all this during lockdown two years ago, as I’ve enjoyed re-reading along with you. Special thanks to those who have “liked,” commented, and shared these elsewhere.

My youngest daughter, Julia (the recipient of some of those letters) is getting married in a week. After that, I’ll reassess what to do with Jack’s legacy of writing. There is more material, especially of the “Ask Old Jules” variety. I’d love to see a book of those so I’ll delve into that material first. Since they were not saved in any particular order, that will be time-consuming to organize. If I can pull it together, it will be published through Lulu.com like the previous volumes of blog posts.

“Oracle” cards are still hugely popular. I’d love to design a deck of cards with some his quotations, so that will also be on my mind as I go through the Q&A material. I’m under no illusion that either of these projects will be lucrative, it’s just for me. Jack would shake his head and laugh if anyone ever had the impression that he was wise. But his words are still helpful to me. And the creative learning curve of such a project appeals to me.

The blog will still be here, but I may not be checking for comments as often. The published books will always be available on https://www.lulu.com/ Just search under “Jeanne Kasten” or “Jack Purcell.” They are in order by year, starting with 2005.

If anyone wants to make suggestions or contact me, please leave a comment or an email (elisekasten@hotmail.com). If you email, be sure to put “So Far From Heaven” in the subject line so I don’t miss your remarks.

I’m grateful to all of you for reading, commenting, and thinking about his words over all these years that the blog has been in place. You’ll see more here if I come up with something relevant in the future.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year.

Jeanne Kasten