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Americans and Iranians are alike about illegal aliens

Trailer for Baran  on YouTube:  http://youtu.be/T5UGItdsqUI

Hi readers.  I’d never thought about it until I watched Baran on Netflix.  How similar Iranians are to Americans.  In this Turkish movie while building a site in Tehran, Turkish worker Lateef is drawn to young Afghan worker Rahmat, who is dangerously in disguise.   A female illegal alien, refugee from Afghanistan.

And those Iranians don’t put up with anyone giving jobs to those wetback Afghans any more than Arizonians who aren’t needing yard work done don’t condone anyone hiring Mexican illegal aliens.

 What’s surprising is the number of ways Mexicans and Afghans are similar outside the mere shared illegal alien status.  Both are bad about shooting things up in their own countries, they’re both rather dark skinned, and they both speak languages the average US citizen can’t understand.  Then there’s the matter of cutlery.

But the amazing corollary is the many ways other than their views about illegal aliens Americans are similar to Iranians.  Each has a ‘special’ relationship with Israel and the Israelis, for instance.  Each is preoccupied with nuclear weapons.  Each sits atop one hell of a lot of oil.  And each tends to go overboard over religion and religious matters sufficiently to get religion and government confused.

See it on Netflix:  Baran, 2001 PG 95 minutes, starring:Hossein Abedini, Zahra Bahrami.  Director:Majid Majidi

Old Jules

Israeli standup comedian in the United Nations

Hi readers.  I had to throw this in because it’s so outer space.

Hotshot Israeli talking to the United Nations had them all gasping with laughter yesterday when he, with a perfectly straight face, told them all they couldn’t trust Iran.

How the hell do they come up with this stuff?

Old Jules