Israeli standup comedian in the United Nations

Hi readers.  I had to throw this in because it’s so outer space.

Hotshot Israeli talking to the United Nations had them all gasping with laughter yesterday when he, with a perfectly straight face, told them all they couldn’t trust Iran.

How the hell do they come up with this stuff?

Old Jules

4 responses to “Israeli standup comedian in the United Nations

  1. They obviously employ the same ghost writers as the American talk raidio hosts do.

  2. That’s easy to answer. Netanyahu is playing to his local support, not to an international audience. Only the venue is international. The current Israeli government cannot get past the paranoia. Some would say it is understandable. But time will tell if we are seeing a new face to the country in its international positioning, and if there is a means to find resolution for the 65 years of pent up emnity between the U.S. and Iran. Of course the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah triangle remains and presents to Israel an immediate concern on its northern frontier. One wonders when Israel will finally realize that holding on to the Golan, and West Bank yields ever diminishing returns.

    • lenrosen: The Israeli strategies and tactics for keeping plenty of International support were successful for a longish while. A valid question might be whether they’re capable of changing the strategies and tactics when time erodes, as it has, the effectiveness of those methods. One argument might be you can’t argue with success, while another might be the costs of failures are too high to be risked. Recognizing when it’s time to abandon fatigued policy structure might be a survival trait. Thanks for coming by. jack

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