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The Promised Land is swimming in oil and production’s barely begun

Hi readers. Thanks for coming by. I have great news for you today. Your elected representatives and senators, and the US president are going to make sure you get some benefits from all these new shale oil deposits being discovered under US soil.

That’s right readers. They’re keeping it as a surprise, planning to spring it on you around Christmas. But since we’re about to have to export crude oil, because we’ve got so damned much, and since our gasoline prices go up instead of down because export of refined petroleum is allowed, the people who look out for your interests are going to tax crude exports when they allow it to be exported.

They let those multi-nationals send all the US jobs overseas, and now they’re going to let the refinery jobs follow them. But the government is going to make certain regular US citizens are going to be taken care of. Not just the rich wealthy Americans, the way they do in Saudi Arabia and all those backward barbaric greedy Middle Eastern places.

They’re going to tax every gallon, every barrel of US petroleum products and give every adult citizen $20,000 per year income from it. No matter what neighborhood those citizens live in, no matter what social strata they occupy.

Isn’t that nice?

US crude oil exports may be inevitable – http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/15/us-column-kemp-us-oilexports-idUSBRE89E0OQ20121015

The same oversupply problem that has bedeviled NGL producers is likely to occur with the light sweet crude oils being produced from Bakken and other shale plays.
U.S. imports of light sweet crude (mostly from West Africa) will dry up by 2014, according to Total, due to rising production from Bakken and other shale deposits as well as because of U.S. refinery closures.
But the increasing domestic output of light sweet crude is a poor match for U.S. refineries, which have been reconfigured to process much heavier and sulphurous oils and need heavier oils to produce more heating oil and diesel.
Pressure will therefore build for the federal government to permit crude exports.
Crude exports are regulated under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act (1975), the Mineral Leasing Act (1920), the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act Amendments (1978), and the Naval Petroleum Reserves Production Act.
Crude is listed as a commodity in “short supply” on the Commerce Control List (CCL) drawn up and enforced by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
“A license is required for the export of crude oil to all destinations, including Canada,” according to BIS (15 CFR 754.2).

Imagine that. Just freaking imagine that. Those elected people recognize that the regular people of the US could enjoy some benefits from all these new oil discoveries under US soil. They know the citizenry’s having to compete with Chinamen and other foreigners at the gas pumps because the refined products are being sold to them instead of exclusively for domestic use. So they’re going to compensate for it.

Isn’t that nice?

Imagine that! Regular US citizens drawing benefits from US natural resources! Whether their parents and grandparents and great grandparents got into the oil business or not. Whether someone among their ancestors bought up oil rights a century ago, or didn’t!

Isn’t that nice?

They might keep it a secret from you longer than I said earlier, though. They’ve got a lot going on and they might forget to tell you about it at all.

Old Jules

Is it wrong to allow millions of wild-eyed religious fanatic lunatics to slaughter one another?

Fact is we can’t stop them.  They all think they have a hotline to God, or Allah.

The Israeli part is so self-consumed it let 2000 years slip by without noticing, then came trotting back thinking the property they used to own still belonged to them.  The Muslims sure-as-hell hate the Israeli ones, but they also hate one-another in-between times enough to make up for anything lost in the process.

Heck, maybe they’re all correct in their thinking.  I’d sure as hell hate to have any of them for neighbors, though I’d have to be closer to the issue to know whether I’d want to kill them.  I can sympathize with each group over there, though, and understand how they’d want to kill off all the others.  Not because of what they believe doctrinally, but because of what they are.

What they are is a geographic conglomeration of kill crazy fanatics who have oil everyone used to need.

But everyone doesn’t need to need the lunatic oil source anymore.  Recent oil discoveries just under Texas, alone, are enough to supply all the US energy needs, and the discoveries under the rest of the US should be able to supply the rest of the world.

No need to wring our hands about what the oil Sheiks  and Chosen people do to one another.  Just back off and let them do it.

If they want to get along with one another they can do it.  Hell, they all come out of the same gene pool.  They’re distant family.

But if they don’t want to get along, if they’d rather slaughter one another, and if no outsiders can ‘understand’ why enough to think of a way to stop them, is it wrong to allow them to do it?  Stay out of the troubles they’ve made for themselves?  Just let them settle the whole thing with a giant orgasm of bloodshed?

And is it wrong to believe it would be a relief to no longer have to hear, or think about them.  Is it wrong to think maybe the rest of the world could get along peacefully if the Middle East were voluntarily and enthusiastically de-populated by its inhabitants?

Is it wrong that it’s actually a soothing, peaceful thought the world would have that particular brand of bullshit behind it?

Old Jules

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