Is it wrong to allow millions of wild-eyed religious fanatic lunatics to slaughter one another?

Fact is we can’t stop them.  They all think they have a hotline to God, or Allah.

The Israeli part is so self-consumed it let 2000 years slip by without noticing, then came trotting back thinking the property they used to own still belonged to them.  The Muslims sure-as-hell hate the Israeli ones, but they also hate one-another in-between times enough to make up for anything lost in the process.

Heck, maybe they’re all correct in their thinking.  I’d sure as hell hate to have any of them for neighbors, though I’d have to be closer to the issue to know whether I’d want to kill them.  I can sympathize with each group over there, though, and understand how they’d want to kill off all the others.  Not because of what they believe doctrinally, but because of what they are.

What they are is a geographic conglomeration of kill crazy fanatics who have oil everyone used to need.

But everyone doesn’t need to need the lunatic oil source anymore.  Recent oil discoveries just under Texas, alone, are enough to supply all the US energy needs, and the discoveries under the rest of the US should be able to supply the rest of the world.

No need to wring our hands about what the oil Sheiks  and Chosen people do to one another.  Just back off and let them do it.

If they want to get along with one another they can do it.  Hell, they all come out of the same gene pool.  They’re distant family.

But if they don’t want to get along, if they’d rather slaughter one another, and if no outsiders can ‘understand’ why enough to think of a way to stop them, is it wrong to allow them to do it?  Stay out of the troubles they’ve made for themselves?  Just let them settle the whole thing with a giant orgasm of bloodshed?

And is it wrong to believe it would be a relief to no longer have to hear, or think about them.  Is it wrong to think maybe the rest of the world could get along peacefully if the Middle East were voluntarily and enthusiastically de-populated by its inhabitants?

Is it wrong that it’s actually a soothing, peaceful thought the world would have that particular brand of bullshit behind it?

Old Jules

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7 responses to “Is it wrong to allow millions of wild-eyed religious fanatic lunatics to slaughter one another?

  1. Oleo Acres Resort and RV park

    Is it wrong? Self extinction, without interference, sure sounds like a real hoot to me. Is it right?

    Is it wrong that all of those abused and abandoned pets are in prison?
    Is is wrong that too many animals and plants are dying because of drought?
    Is it wrong that the coyotes are killing rabbits?
    Is it wrong that we have shit our nest on this world due to our excesses?
    Is it wrong to feel sorry for those that may have been wronged?
    Is it wrong for those who feel wronged…. to take advantage of the assumed wrongness that was assumed as administered wrongly?

    Since I am short on time I will stop listing things that are wrong….. but it is the answers and levels of wrongness of all assumed wrongs that are kept sacred within each person’s training in life’s follies. I reckon there must be at least several million different assumptions and priorities on all sorts of possible wrongs.

    J. I am dumbstruck that you would ask such a rhetorical question.

  2. When I was still a young child, I was taught that not only is it foolish, but is harmful to harbor grudges. One of my beloved aunts told me that if I ever forget this lesson, that the fanatics in the Middle East will remind me of the consequences of grudge holding.

  3. Oleo Acres Resort and RV park

    OK J, this is how it is.

    Had a few moments to chat with Sol as “it” went down last night and back up this morning. I had considered banishing you to the back of the resort where there are thorns, locusts, no water, no shade, zionistas and very little electricity.

    But ! After consulting the the Great Light and much thinking….. You now have reservations for up front at space number one. So….. you are forgiven.

    See ya driving up soon……

    • Hi Eddie. The cats and I aren’t scared of a few thorns locusts and sunshine. Been thrown into enough briar patches this lifetime to have learned to be grateful for them. Hopefully see you before too long. Gracias, J

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