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A jackass has feelings

Hi readers.  A jackass really does have feelings.  And those feelings can land him in a pile of confusion, same is they can human beings.

For instance, human beings don’t have a hell of a lot of use for jackasses anymore.  Jennies, either.  But some human beings still have a use for mules, and a jackass is the only way you can get a mule.

But a jackass is picky about the women he runs around with.  He doesn’t care anything about getting excited over some short-eared mare twice his size.  Unlike a Jennie, who’ll get excited about anything with four hooves when she’s in the mood.

So when a human being wants a mule he has to find a jackass colt just born, barely got its eyes open, and put it on a brood mare.  Brood mare doesn’t care what animal she nurses, so she brings up that jackass colt same as if it were a horse.

And the human being who wants a mule out of the deal keeps that young jackass running in his horse herd.  Never lets it see anything but horses.  Young jack grows up thinking it’s a horse.  Time comes he starts thinking about females, he couldn’t care less about any longeared jennie.  He wants a horse mare.

So the human being picks a mare with nice markings, good bloodlines, and at the right time arranges a love affair between that jackass and that mare, joins them in holy matrimony for the duration of the romance.

Ends up with a mule out of the deal.  And a confused jackass thinks it’s a horse.

Nobody comes out of it any worse for the wear so far as anyone knows.  Except maybe Italians.  If you think back on what you read about Roman history, Romulus and Remus had something similar happen to them.  And western civilization hasn’t fully recovered yet.

Old Jules

Shiva the Cow Cat living the townee lights fantastic


Those silly little Japanese

Good morning readers. Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

My friend Rich was telling me on the phone yesterday the “Hey! Looky over there!” technique for dealing with nuclear meltdowns is coming apart at the seams:

fukashima nuke


“We are very sorry for causing concerns. We have made efforts not to cause any leak to the outside, but we might have failed to do so,” he said.
Ono said the radioactive elements detected in water samples are believed to largely come from initial leaks that have remained since earlier in the crisis. He said the leak has stayed near the plant inside the bay, and officials believe very little has spread further into the Pacific Ocean.
Marine biologists have warned that the radioactive water may be leaking continuously into the sea from the underground, citing high radioactivity in fish samples taken near the plant.
Most fish and seafood from along the Fukushima coast are barred from domestic markets and exports.”

Other articles are finally describing the levels of radioactivity in the steam one of the plants has been producing since the day one.  Luckily for Japan the prevailing winds will mostly take that cesium and whatnot into US and Canadian waters and over Alaska, Washington, and Oregon.  And the radioactive fish migrations down the California and Mexican coasts.

Got me thinking about the US love affair with Japan that’s been sneaking off to cheap motels and consumating itself in the back seats of limosines for the past half-century following their enthusiastic surrender.

Which got me thinking about love affairs in general, and how they tend to end.     [So Long, and Thanks for all the Valentines https://sofarfromheaven.com/romance/That’s the source for the ‘little Japanese’ thing.

A few years ago there was a big flap about whether one of the US presidents ought to apologize to Japan for dropping the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasakaki.  The logic being that Japan wasn’t quite ready to surrender yet, and that dropping those bombs forced them to quit fighting prematurely.  I don’t know whether one of the US Chief Executives apologized, or didn’t. 

But that’s the sort of thing happens all the time in love affairs when they begin going stale.  Next thing you know something else will come along to stale things some more.  Such as the Japanese sending cesium into the sky so’s the wind can take it to Seattle and Portland.

Japan, of course, could send us a lot of valentines or roses to make things better, maybe.  Or maybe they could just admit what they’re doing and apologize.  They could actually say, “Hey!  Lookee over here!  We shore could use a little help, advice and friendly ideas.  From anyone who has some.  We loves you Americans and everything else being equal, like you better not glowing in the dark.”

Or maybe it’s just time to lay aside that romance and tell the Japanese, “So long and thanks for all the valentines.

Old Jules