Intelligent, peace loving non-Zionist Jews – Maybe the only hope for Israel

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One of the tragedies of the modern-day Israel is that it’s succeeded in riding the German holocaust and exploiting that tragedy in such a way as to allow accusations of anti-Semitism whenever anyone criticizes Israel.  The only people exempt from this manipulation and guilt mongering are Jewish.  The sane ones living all over the world who haven’t fallen into the pit of Zionist self-aggrandizing devil-take-the-hindmost NAZI land grabbing and war mongering.

Nobody wants to see Israel destroy itself.  Nobody wants to see it manipulate the US and other powerful allies into wars among themselves for the ultimate ‘benefit’ of Israel, a few more yards or miles of Zionist-occupied territory.

All over the world Jews have demonstrated ability in their fields, have become vital and valid parts of the countries they occupy.  Many of those Jews are as critical and horrified by the behavior of Zionists as non-Jewish peace-minded people.

But those sane Jews have an advantage no non-Jewish person can exploit.  They could approach the people in power in the US and other countries where they reside and point out the disaster Israel is in the Middle East.  And Zionists couldn’t accuse them of being anti-Semitic, as they do all other comers.

Sane Jews everywhere could pressure their governments to cease providing military aid to Israel until the Zionists agree to make honest efforts toward peace with their neighbors.  Until they withdraw from territories and real estate they have no business occupying.  Until they get rid of the nuclear weapons they’ve acquired.  And until they cease rocket-rattling and tend their own affairs.

Hopefully eventually Jews who are just regular people will be able to recognize they’re the only ones who can do it.  Maybe they can save Israel from destroying itself through bronze-age zealotry.  Maybe Masada won’t have to fall again to bring some peace and quiet to the Middle East.

Old Jules

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6 responses to “Intelligent, peace loving non-Zionist Jews – Maybe the only hope for Israel

  1. Before it’s all over the 144,000 original Israelite Light Warriors will solve the Zionist “problem” and peace will reign. According to some prophet a couple of thousand years ago, anyways, babbling crazily to his scribe a terrible horrific tale of Wormwoods, Horsemen and an Abyss…..allegedly G_d loves happy endings

    • I don’t suppose I have more faith in John the Divine than I have in bronze age texts appointing Israel as the promised land and Jews as the Chosen People of God. If everyone were as skeptical of both those issues as I am the world would have had a lot more peace for the past couple-thousand years. J

  2. Who will Israel engage to make peace? The Islamic UMAH, the Caliphate, the leaders that kill their own people, Iran, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hyzbullah? Those who call themselves ‘Palestinians’ whom no Arab country trusts?
    Your call to the Jews of the world to work on pressing their governments to isolate Israel and force it to make peace is a call of the insane and to try to recollect the spilled milk!
    I will not even address your frivolous comment that Israel exploited the Holocaust. The fight and movement to create a Jewish homeland in the land of the ancestors was a Jewish obsession from the first exile on and gathered a lot of momentum in the 19th century and by 1940 more Arabs were migrating into the British Mandate than Jews because there was work, schools, hospitals, infra structure, and economic growth fostered by Jewish undertakings, not British, not Arab or any other entity.
    The British would ave left the area with or without a UN resolution they could not sustain the stand against the Jewish revolt.
    In short you are totally off base. You do not even understand what Zionism means and no assimilated Jew will either.

    • Leanpower: Thanks for coming by and commenting. The truth is that I don’t lay claim to lands my ancestors abandoned and didn’t occupy for 2000 years, so I’m probably off base somewhat. I’m not nailed to a belief that God gave me anything He didn’t give everything else. And unlike yourself, I don’t increase my profits by war material sales. I do like to think most of the Jews of the world aren’t in the mental-strait-jacket you love yourself for being trapped inside. If I didn’t believe that I’d be in the awkward position of applying your fanaticism to a body of people I respect. But I don’t acknowledge European Jews had any claim on Israel, never had any such claim from the time the Romans drove them out. What they have today they got because the world was sorry about the German holocaust. What they get by with today with their fanaticism and exploitation of the dead is also because the world is sorry about the German holocaust. That’s something that’s been beaten so badly over the past half-century it loses its strength.

      You, however, have nothing to do with Jews. You are merely a man who gave his life to being a salesman of war and war material. Which you undoubtedly believe keeps you on-base so long as anyone stays hostile enough to buy weaponry.

      Thanks for coming by. J

  3. In fact Jewish people who criticize Israel ARE called anti-Semitic, or called “self-hating Jews.”

    • philbersole: Not actually surprising. Internicene squabbles and disagreements usually include name calling and efforts to minimize opposing views by innuendo. Gracias, J

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