Old Sol’s Opinions about the DST Time Change


Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read.

Those of us stuck with the responsibility for bringing Old Sol up mornings and helping him down evenings try to stay tuned to his moods and political opinions.  Especially the DST time changes, of which he just about has a bellyfull. 

Here’s what he had to say about this one.  You’ll have to listen closely because he recorded it 78 rpm and there’s a lot of static.  If you have trouble picking the message out of the background noise, the general summary of his thoughts is that he’s damned sick of it.

WEEKEND SOLAR FLARE: Sunspot AR1429 is still erupting this weekend. On Saturday, March 10th, it produced a powerful M8-class flare that almost crossed the threshold into X-territory. During the flare, New Mexico amateur astronomer Thomas Ashcraft recorded a series of radio bursts at 21 and 28 MHz:

The roaring sounds you just heard are caused by shock waves plowing through the sun’s atmosphere in the aftermath of the explosion. “There is incredible complexity in the waveforms,” notes Ashcraft. “This is a recording of one of the most turbulent events in all of Nature!”

In addition, the explosion propelled yet another CME toward Earth. According to a forecast track prepared by analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the cloud will hit our planet’s magnetosphere on March 12th at 1803 UT (+/- 7 hr), possibly sparking a new round of geomagnetic storms.

After passing Earth, the CME will also hit the Mars Science Lab (MSL) spacecraft on March 13th followed by Mars itself on March 14th. Mars rover Curiosity onboard MSL might get some interesting readings as the cloud passes by.

Meanwhile, those of you who prefer the emotional side of things have probably been looking forward to the disgusting kissee-kissee going on between Jupiter and Venus.


All I can tell you is it’s an illusion.  Jupiter and Venus don’t have enough in common to allow a lasting, meaningful relationship.  This is just cheap, physical attraction causing this.  Cheerleader Venus shamelessly wrapping herself around the arm of grotesque jockstrap Jupiter for the duration of a shared climax.

No candlelight dinners and moonlight walks for Jupiter and Venus.  They’ll each drift their own ways and be off flirting with someone else in just about the amount of time it takes to calculate it.

Old Jules

Today on Ask Old Jules:  Learning from Nature?

Old Jules, what have you learned from nature?



16 responses to “Old Sol’s Opinions about the DST Time Change

  1. There has been a lot of planets visible in the night sky lately. I should have gotten one of my scopes out but have just been too lazy. Anyway, rain and clouds for the last few days and still going on.

    • Good morning DizzyDick: Glad you came by. If a man’s going to look at the sky closely he might want to do it before the mosquitoes come out. Just saying. Gracias, J

  2. Love this post. And your sense of humor. Great writing. I’m with Old Sol. No DST for me. I don’t get it and I don’t like it. But, I’m not the decider. Meanwhile, life goes on its own time anyway… And I don’t have to be anywhere but here.

  3. Anyone who can vent over planetary cheap physical attraction in one breath and chickens, cats and yard sales in the next is spectacular in my book. Great read.

    • Hilary Lindsay: Thank you for the visit and the read. I’ll confess I don’t get used much in sentences where the word spectacular’s included. Disorienting, it is. Gracias, J

  4. Especially love the last two paragraphs. Humorous imagery.

  5. “Only the White Man could cut the top off the blanket and sew it back on the bottom to make the blanket longer” …..unknown Native American

  6. I think it takes a really special human being, bless their hearts, have a great day in God’s Country my friend, your blogs are “on a roll’ lately, you are writing with the immortals now and they are blessing you. Go with the flow and don’t change a thing, you’ve got it nailed to the wall, and your words are being heard and finding their way into the wind, the equinox approaches, the wind is that of change and rebirth and we both know the powers of the written word. You really deserve a promotion from the pointy heads in charge 😉 so watch out…. we both know that’s when the Cosmic Wedgies are handed out instead LOL. Peace, Light & Love, talk to you soon my friend. No need to reply here.

  7. I want to know more about the aftermath of the explosion on the sun! Much more interesting than the kissee-kissee planets, though they did shine brightly for each other.

  8. is it me or is the coronal hole forming a triangle? Ever see that before Jules? Thoughts?

  9. Thanks for the link! Something wicked headed our way? Will keep an eye on your posts. Very interesting, and a bit scary!

    • Gypsy Bev: Thanks for coming by. Yep, I try to keep an eye on Old Sol, though he doesn’t ask me for advice. My guess is some of the toady planets are advising him, though. Gracias, Jules

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