One Toke Over the Line Sweet Jesus


Hi readers.  Some of you evidently come to this blog for the humor, but my brand of humor frequently falls flat for a lot of other readers.  So for those of you unable to appreciate my dry, subtle, sometimes off-target attempts at humor I offer perhaps the funniest scene ever to appear on television.

Note the squeeze-box player attempting to keep a straight face while introducing the song.  Afterward, the followup by famous wit Lawrence Welk caps the entire performance as he expresses his appreciation for “modern gospel music” performances by young people.

Unlike so many young performers of the time, these already had perfect teeth.


Meanwhile, the songwriters, Brewer and Shipley, were awarded a position on President Nixon’s ‘Enemy List’ and enjoyed honorable mention by Vice President Spiro Agnew before he went down in flames.

Old Jules

25 responses to “One Toke Over the Line Sweet Jesus

  1. I get your dry sense of humor 🙂 OMG, that is a song that could make my ears bleed 😉

  2. Oh, lordy, thank you for the Sunday morning funnies.

  3. Does this mean I shouldn’t get loaded so early in the morning? I hope not.

  4. Wonder if Welk ever did Sunday Morning Coming Down or Puff the Magic Dragon? 🙂

    • Good morning Ben. I don’t know the answer, but Puff might have fit the upbeatness. I doubt PP and Lovely M ever performed on his show, though. There’d been that nasty undercurrent about their performance with Harry Belafonte and the way she fawned over him disgusted Welk-watcher-types. Gracias, J

  5. OMG. It’s true then, that the Lawrence Welk show cast really lived in their own world. They NEVER left the production studio. LOL

  6. I’m tellin ya! mention Jesus or Lord or church or holy spirit or whatever and the sheeple go yaAAy… this is absolutely hilarious…. HAHaaaaa

  7. My God, that is one of the most surreal things I’ve seen in a very long time! Did they not have a clue? I loved it—thanks for posting!

    • Good morning George. Thanks for the visit. Yeah, it is surreal. But so much is a person begins not to notice. My impression is the singers were surprised when they learned the meaning of the word, ‘toke’. Gracias, J

  8. Great song. I should check out President Nixon’s ‘Enemy List’, there might be some other nice recommendations there as well.

    • Good morning itsamagicworldbuddy. Thanks for coming for a read and listen. I’d never thought of doing that. Wonder if I made the list. Sheeze. Gracias, Jules

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  10. TOO FREAKING MUCH!!!! I’ve always loved Brewer and Shipley, and laughed out loud the entire time I was watching what my parents considered sacrosanct – Lawrence Welk, no less – or his “sweet, fresh-faced youth” singing ONE TOKE OVER THE LINE???!!!

  11. I don’t remember how I ran across the Lawrence Welk version the first time, but I laughed till my sides hurt… then I had to look it all up and found out they really had no clue what the song was about. Then I laughed some more. But you had me at the rooster post. New favorite blog. 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on So Far From Heaven and commented:

    The day after Christmas seems a likely time to reblog this one. I agree with Lawrence Welk. We young people of the time were refreshing in the new gospel music we were listening to. The toking never let up, like happened with the johnny-come-lately coke and crack and ecstacy and skag. You can’t stop a man when he knows he’s right and keeps coming. Some old timey Texas Ranger said that first. But that announcer introducing this event on the Welk video demonstrates how true it is.

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