Wokkyjawed repairs

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by for a read this morning.

If you’ll take a close look at that ladder I climbed a dozen times, or more, you’ll see a person might wish to study on the design a few moments before he puts his weight on it.  Luckily, I’m the luckiest man in the world and even noticing what I’d done after the fact didn’t leave me with a broken ladder, broken head, worse for the wear in any way.

Seems to me I’ve observed at one time or another that plenty of ways of a man ruining his day present themselves on a job of this sort.  And almost no ways exist to come out of it feeling a lot better than he did going in.

The tree trunk was exerting a lot of social pressure on everything trying to hold it up.  At the base it was unstable, something awful.  I had my heart set on it not coming down and crushing my rooster containment center if I could help it. 

I tried to insure against the possibility by lifting the base of the trunk with a bar and slipping in a couple of chunks of historical tree. 

But even with all my precautions the trunk dropped a few feet when I finally made the last cut breaking it free of the building.

Tough day, everything else being equal.

Old Jules

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Old Jules, what do you know about psychometry? I would love to know how to get started.


4 responses to “Wokkyjawed repairs

  1. Glad you got the tree outta the house.
    Looking close at your ladder It looks to me like you got your ladder backwards propped up. The rungs are slopped the wrong way it looks like.

  2. I have a small forest of extremely tall, very fragile elm trees in my yard. The landlord has promised to trim or remove them. So far, nothing of the sort has happened. The thunderstorms come through and I can only cross my fingers.

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